The first "limited edition" Radar T-shirts



But shipping to where please (no limits to location I presume)? Plus what @Tola said so we know it’s real.


Medium as well, I am not in lagos

PS: Please find a way to add radar’s logo. It’s Important to ,me


The shipping part is still being worked out, but most people are in Lagos obviously. For those not in Lagos, there will be the option to keep them till they can come and get them or make arrangements. God Is Good Motors or Ekene Dili Chukwu might even be viable options for out-of-Lagos delivery.

None of this was planned, so we’re basically winging it at this point. @Tola’s Spreadshirt suggestion is certainly a good one that will make logistics instantly feasible for members not in Nigeria, so I’ll certainly look into that ASAP, although I can’t promise that’ll happen for this design.



No wonder Donald Trump won.


Nice out-of-context quip, sir.


Good job @lordbanks, don’t you think partnering with Radar members like @Bibiana who runs would have seen ‘team spirited ecosystem’ that Techcabal and radar stands for better?

Instead of setting up a fresh company to do this? Is Radar members your only target market?

Just thinking loud sha…


Where did you get this idea? We’re just making t-shirts oh, nobody said anything about starting a company. I also said I intended to use Printivo to make them in the other thread.


I didn’t get it from anywhere boss. I said I was



It should be that’s the point of exclusivity besides radar is an open community anyways [quote=“jekayode, post:26, topic:10193”]
Is Radar members your only target market?


As seen on Radar Merchandise


I’ll take a small


It seemed to me to be an insinuation that we were starting a new t-shirt company instead of patronising a member (which is actually not a crime, but we aren’t, and we intend to patronise a member), abeg no come start fight for here, abeg :joy:


It wasn’t my intention to start a fight oga sir. I did not understand how you were going about the production and logistics. Hence, loudly thinking as indicated.

I don’t think it’s a crime if you decide to start any company though.

Whichever way, Godspeed!


Waoh! What a crazy idea this one @lordbanks I think we can make this work effortlessly for Radar.

At BibiTees, we specialize in custom t-shirt printing made from an eco-friendly solution with water-based Inks, and for good reason. They deliver a high quality print with superior softness, longevity and breathability. We use state of the art DTG printing technology for our t-shirt printing.

I can setup a dedicated landing page solely for this project on our site where guys can go and place orders and we handle the printing and fulfilment.

For those within Lagos, we can do same or next day delivery while those outside Lagos can give us 2-5working days to get their tees delivered to them. Better still they can arrange to pop in to our office at 19b Bush Street Maryland Lagos.

If this is something you think you can fly with, please kindly let me know so that we can conclude on side bar. Hahaha.


@lordbanks i love👆her hustle… If printivo were serious, with all the mention a rep would hv responded to this.

P. S @akindolu no forget to collect royalties :slight_smile:


i wonder if printivo prints on tshirts btw, not on their website.


Medium for me, muchas gracias.


Ship a medium to NRB


At first I thought people were refering to this when they type Medium. Why not just type medium size for clarity?
Anyways, nice one but do you have extra-small size (XS)?


Medium size