So andela isn't what i thought


@xyz Great topic! Moringa School ( was created to bring world-class technical education to Africa and to create top talent tailored for African markets. We want to give our developers the skills and choice to do what they want after our program - while providing continuous development post-graduation. 95% of our graduates are employed as full-time software engineers at companies like Safaricom, Barclays, Cellulant (and even Andela)! And many are starting companies as well.

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“Make the world better” you say? Cause last I checked the war in Syria as not ended and modern day SLAVERY is yet to be addressed, let alone eradicated.


Hey theres no big deal in that considering ow much investment the put in every individual in the long run you will benefit. This approach is well obtainable everywhere first you are not forced to sign anything you either take it or leave it and beside having your own startup is not easy you need to get mentored in other to be well prepared for the challenges. some companies will even take more than 4 years and people still sign at the end it boils down to who ever has the offer.


I completely support the Andela model. However, I think after the four years, some form of university credits should be given to the student I.e. Andela would partner with a university who would offer a BSc certificate or its equivalent to Andela students after 1 year.


Sir, you can sit in your house and become a developer in a matter of weeks. There are many free courses online, even on YouTube. So I’m not sure why you’re doubting him. It’s not rocket science.


Hi @iaboyeji, I think there’s a potential somewhere for you to work with Gossy Ukanwoke (not sure if he’s on Radar but his twitter handle is @gossyomega) on some sort of partnership. I’m in no position to be dictating what that should be, so this is just a suggestion. I’m sure you two can rub minds (if you haven’t already) and see what to come up with for a broader reach in Nigeria. I think it would be a missed opportunity if that discussion doesn’t happen.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to Gossy. But I admire his work from afar, just like I admire yours.

On topic, this was actually a silly thread. Even if the false accusations were true, is anybody forcing you to go to Andela? There are many developers in Nigeria that didn’t acquire a single skill from Andela. Look elsewhere if you don’t like this. Seems like we can’t have nice things in Nigeria.


I personally think long term this would have benefits for devs. the experience is invaluable, I was also skeptical when i thoroughly read their stuff and saw the 4 year aspect even though it was a bit vague. Andela is mostly targeting fresh graduates, peeps between 22-25. 4 years doesn’t seem so long when you’re that age I’ve personally noticed people that have issues with the 4 years including myself are over 25 at least.
I think it’s worth looking at the big picture, we’ll have better trained devs hopefully with more experience and a bit of personal funding and relationships to make some relevant products.
CEO’s of Google and Microsoft are presently Indians, even though they were not trained by BPO’s i think BPO’s had some kind of effect on technical colleges in India which produced these two CEO’s. Today India is a major powerhouse in I.T. I’m not giving credit to BPO style tactics but they do have some positive effects long term. my 2 cents


I have never been a fan of Andela first it’s of benefits to the Nigerian state no taxes zero benefit.

Also, it’s seems they want to people to build idea rather than building it themselves $15,000k to quit it’s a joke if that true then it’s a con.

Anyways everyone should learn to work together in team of 5

Business Analyst

And your startup idea will come to reality all we need to realise is that everyone can never be a founder…


Am not over 25 :neutral_face:, and i have issues with the 4 years part.


Above all human values, I cherish Honesty and Loyalty the most, You are a very honest person, at least you are clear about what you are doing, and not packaging it like angela and co…


Now that you put it this way, I think you people are fair, but you have to really master your PR and Image.


makes a lot of sense


Hmnnn…when you put it this way, the andela model is seeming interesting ooo…

I can just start an Architectural and Engineering design company to teach Nigerians how to design buildings and other structures. I can pay them below industry wages, and train them to do Jobs I get at industry rates from the Federal government while claiming that I have trained them, turning a tidy profit in the process…

Really interesting model if we finetune this.


Sir, I really like you explanation and down to earth responses, Nigerian youth want it “sharp sharp” and are not ready to take the pain to get to the top, someone is using his resources to train you and put you on the path of success after four years you will be independent, if patient you could be rated as one of the techies who has contributed to tech world. I read about Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni aka Yeti or “Wogrammer” and many other Andela products, Yetunde made it to TOP 50 VISIONARY WOMEN IN TECH TO WATCH IN 2017. Within four years you will be exposed to the tech world beyond what you could get any where in Nigeria. I took my time to read more about what Andela program entails, I made research on the program, their sponsors and their investors, their dreams and the purpose of the program, this is golden for Nigerian Youth, Money should not be the priority but what you could get at the end of the program should be what you focus on, I realized if one would be patient and focused, someone can actually achieved the extra ordinary, in a twinkle of an eyes the four years is here.

Andela has successfully exposed and opened the eyes of Nigerian youth to tech world, Sir, I would say this, out of the thousands companies in Nigeria only few could afford to pay reasonable remuneration as Andela does. I read people’s comment and I feel so sorry for Nigerian youth, they are all product of dilapidated “edusystem”. Anyone could find out time to read about contractual agreement, it breaches and consequences. A seen on Andela website "Andela is not easy. Andela is a commitment, and in many ways a sacrifice. But it is a worthwhile one, and if you give it your all, you will become truly world-class. " Sacrifice and world class should be the focus, If you can take the pain, pay the sacrifice I bet anyone, you would become what you wanted to. The only sacrifice here is the learning aspect not even the benefit, for the sacrifice will produce much more than what the benefits Andela acclaimed.


:no_mouth: this line hit me


@iaboyeji, i really have to commend Andela for this wonderful opportunity opening up to Nigerians.
I personally do not see anything wrong with the four year fellowship-and i’m way above 25- so i’ve applied, and i hope i get called up.
Like you rightly said earlier, becoming a world class developer involves not just mastery of coding, but acquiring habits(self-discipline,self-motivation,focus,good work ethics,etc ). The four-year fellowship offers invaluable exposure and experience .One would be hard put to find a better program than what Andela offers(i observed none of the naysayers here proposed a better alternative/route).
In addition to that, Andela is a relatively new organization, it has a reputation to build and sustain, so if Andela feels it would take four years to turn out world class developers, who they can proudly present to the world, then fine.
I daresay that by 2020, when the first set of Andela fellows take the world by storm, Andela will become the go-to place for training and recruitment. Then, getting admittance into Andela will become even more difficult than it is now. So, based on logistics, i stand by Andela.


Sorry to put it this way, Andela is a mirage…


After gaining all the knowledge, you can leave and let’s find out if they will sue you. Even if they win the case, we can set up a payment plan for the next 20 plus years.


Is this really how you intend to grow the ecosystem?