So andela isn't what i thought


Andela is a great initiative to help Nigerians but … the but is that its actually screwing up people silently.

A friend of mine got accepted into the bootcamp or whatever they call it and he laid out the terms and agreement and it seems like they are buying his life

  1. You will have to be with andela for 4 YEARS and you are not allowed to work on any other projects or even try startup something aside.

  2. Your intellectual property is automatically owned by the andela folks…

  3. If you want to cancel the agreement, you will have to pay 15k$

I just can’t think through how screwed up this is for someone who just started his life in this tech ecosystem and to be with someone for 4 years.

I understand they gonna teach you bla bla bla but then again, those agreements are screw ups if itš really true

Walahu Alam - Only God knows best


@iaboyeji and @tola debated this sometime ago.


He wasn’t forced to apply to the program, right? And he didn’t sign under duress, right? He’s over 18?

I’m sure he can make a decision about what’s best for his own particular case. One can be successful with or without Andela - it’s really not the only deciding factor in someone’s career. If the terms don’t work for him, something else could.


Why would you want someone to invest so much on you and would walk away just at the slightest opportunity?

I think it isn’t completely unfair. If it’s only $15000, It’s their estimated value of what you are getting from them.


If Andela is actually empowering the Nigerian Youth as their manifesto claimed, then this should not matter. We were all under the impression that “there were no contracts” and they were dashing out brand new Mac Book Pros to people commuting 5 hours to get to Andela daily for their $22K worth of training. In fact Andela was supposed to be better than Sliced Bread and they were never suppose to follow the Indian BPO tactics…

Now I do wonder what the Wipro and Infosys contracts do look like…I better starting digging as I do sense that we may have to compare it side to side with Andela’s contract to confirm that it is a BPO after all…


Actually, the last time i checked, it isn’t a foundation and it’s not a CSR initiative.

Empowering the youth is their manifesto, and it’s a profit-oriented venture. The aim is to make money. Nokia claim to be connecting people but they are making profit. MTN claimed to have powered many businesses, being with us all the while but the aim remains ‘making profit’.
I think all of us misunderstood Andela as a foundation or CSR initiative. If you dont, you shouldn’t be surprised.


Please read that thread again - especially the deleted comments. Nobody misunderstood Andela.
Andela mislead us all by claiming to be Jesus Christ the almighty saviour of the Nigerian Youths with no hidden agendas. The thread is still there to be dissected and digested.


@Tola, why do you think its deception? I do not think so…The truth is that very few people can eat thier cake and still have it… If anyone wants to be with Andela then they should be committed to it because in reality they are asking for your time and giving you a lot in return…

Without such terms, the place will be full of people looking for something to while away the time as they await something else.


"I don’t pimp out vulnerable people for profit. People work here and get paid well and they can resign anytime they want even though we invest 10k-$15k training each one of them over 4-6 months while paying them a decent salary. Ultimately, they do better with us and so 91% of them have stayed. 9% have gone elsewhere however - proof there is choice in this matter "

Now we see that the proof was a lock-in contract…

“Andela was born out of this shared belief that while brilliance is evenly distributed around the world, opportunity is not — and we have a responsibility to bring these life changing career opportunities to every corner of the world — even Lagos, Nigeria.”

We believed because we saw Andela developers like Solomon Ayoola, spend 3 hours or more travelling across town in Lagos’ legendary traffic to arrive at our makeshift living room turned lecture hall in Ikoyi at 5am for an unpaid 2-week boot camp to learn the basics of building web applications.”

Then I pointed out that all these “believe” was built on the key driver of Capitalism which is greed and most of people on Radar went HAM on me! I got several lectures on how Andela is not driven by profit but for the genuine concern of the Nigerian youth without any hidden agendas.

Mike Adenuga once offered to send me to the remote parts of France for 6 months so that I can be stucked in Glo for 5 years. Can we say he too also cares about the “Nigerian Youths” just like Andela does?" Thank goodness I gave him the middle finger which I am suggesting anyone that has signed the dodgy Andela contract should also do.

It is called Modern Slavery to lock people into such ridiculous contracts - especially vulnerable people who are just looking for an opportunity in life. These are well known BPO tactics and pitfalls that well thinking countries regulates against and which I also warned against.

Now I am very very very Vexed!

As I said previously and will always say, myself and Andela are in the same line of business - pimping out vulnerable people for a profit. They do theirs in a fancy office, I do mine at the Ojota Garage…


People like you is why folks like andela can be doing trash like that

see how this one is talking … “he wasnt forced to apply” !! damn !!


I find this a very worrisome. When I made enquires about andela terms of contract, @iaboyeji confidently told me that people can leave if they want to. Well I guess they had a bitter experience and changed the terms.

Locking in on intellectual property for 4 years is a big NO for me.


My point is, Andela is a private organization and within the boundaries of the law, can make their own policies. Andela is not a requirement for anyone to be successful, and they are not coercing anyone to join their program. It is perfectly valid to dislike or disagree with how they are doing things, as @Tola has consistently done. In that case, don’t sign the contract! They are not entitled to change the program for anyone.

Your friend can be massively successful, with or without Andela. There is no one path to success.

Yes, “this one” has an opinion. Just like you.


I guess they can leave if they want to! And then pay up!


I worked for Wipro for abit and It was NOTHING like this. I’m actually kinda shocked by this. Thought Andela was some type of youth empowerment program. Isn’t it a socent even?! $15k to be returned? Ehhh. In regards to Wipro, the 4 year bond was also not there but if they paid for your training in particular certs of-course there’s bonding added to your contract. The rest applied; they own your intellectual property and god forbid you are found working on anything else.


I’ll find out from @iaboyeji if terms have changed.

@yoowai, I’ve forgotten what the legal term is, however, you as an adult cannot sell yourself into slavery. So just signing any agreement does not mean it can be enforced.

That aside, it would be hard for Andela (or any other (foreign) institution to enforce this type of rule. Would a venture backed US company sue a 21 year old girl that decides to move on after providing one year of service? You do not want Pando to get hold of that story using @Jeremy as the illustration. And let make God no let them use the travails of our sisters in Italy & Spain do analogy cos the model is similar. “I paid x amount to get you here. If you want to leave pay me x”

When I spoke to E a loooong time ago, I identified churn as an risk (Nigeria is a country where a person goes to learn Photoshop and 2 lessons in, starts his own school). My suggestion then and still is, was for them to optimise and make people want to stay. e.g annual bonuses that increase by the year, deductions from salary that get collected at the end of 4 years or forfeit if you leave before then, etc. The cheapest incentive I believe then and still do, is to to give people a degree at the end of it all.

Irrespective of options, 4 years is too long for a post Uni person to stay in one place if remuneration is not increased as time goes. If they go target <20 year olds year olds, they stand to have a better chance of making the person stay as they would sincerely have no better option than to stay.

The Andela model is basically being able to sell the skill of a person x times the amount they pay they person. However, after a year the person becomes MUCH WISER and EXPERIENCED so the base value of the person increases. They must now increase the person’s pay of brace up for the fact the person would move to a better option.

When you get venture backed, you have too much pressure to deliver and one can make short term decisions like wht @xyz is reporting. I very much doubt @iaboyeji would be pushing for using legal handcuffs to tackle churn because he understands better. I would bet it is the other management. E is just one voice.

Finally, Andela’s GREAT advantage is their story. If it changes from empowerment to entrapment…


Wallahu’alam bissawab - and Allah knows the right.

I really hope you actually read the contract and you are telling us what it actually says as opposed to what you think or heard it said but I’m only here to lay out the facts so the whole world can judge:

First of all, Andela is not and cannot claim to be a savior of anything. We are here to help Nigerian technical talent be globally successful. Andela fellows will be successful but what we do at Andela is make it possible + make it happen faster. In any case, I’m not here to debate that point. I just want to lay out the facts of the new contract.

Why is Andela a four year program? I have talked about this before on Digital Drift.

Accelerating high potential talent especially in a country like Nigeria means you have to teach them new habits and learning new habits takes time. There is a reason why your average talented Nigerian developer cannot keep clientele and manage projects on deadline. There are many non-technical skills that go into being a well rounded software developer and Andela could teach these skills but it will take time for these skills to become habits.

During the program, you will be paid competitively to turn these skills into habits by working on internal projects, and with Andela’s partners like IBM, Microsoft and Udacity. Working with these established global technology companies enables Andela work closely with you to support you to turn your skills into habits.

What is the real deal with IP? Now because we work with global technology companies, one big risk is that a fellow could take their IP and go make it work for a competitor. Many companies who would have helped push our fellows working experience in interesting directions find it difficult to do because the IP risk worried them. So to eliminate that risk you have to agree that the work you are doing belongs to Andela and the client. This is a standard expectation even in startups. But what the contract also says if if you are working on a side project all you need to do is write it down and Andela verifies it is actually your IP (not the clients) and that you own it. This helps us prevent situations where people are taking IP from clients and using it to develop their own. I think it’s a fair thing to ask otherwise even you as a founder will find it difficult to work with Andela otherwise your innovative e-commerce idea could end up in Jumia’s hands tmr.

Commitment: The beauty of Andela’s model is that we invest in you via training and then you start creating value for partners and getting paid for it and then part of that value you have created goes to train another batch. If current fellows weren’t able to work with partners who then contribute to educating a new class of fellows, the system won’t work. We won’t be able to build this as a sustainable way to educate lots of people.

Now sometimes in our culture people can get selfish. We noticed a few people were taking the skills and training and leaving before they can contribute to funding the training of the next of fellows. So we had to step in and create a situation where the commitment was explicit. You cannot deny others opportunities that have been given to you.

Now it takes about 2 years to pay back the cost of training ($15,000). What the contract does is deduct the balance of what would have gone to train someone else if you leave before the 2 year are up. If you leave after 24 months you don’t owe anything. And if you leave after 18 months you only owe 1/4th of the amount. I think this is fair. We could start charging for Andela’s training because it’s valuable but we don’t want this to be an opportunity only for elitist kids. That’s why we put a figure to it and said you can leave whenever you want but you still have to fund the cost of training future fellows.

Keep in mind we do this while paying the fellows top of the market. Within 18 months of being at Andela you earn about 225k per month. And folks who spend over 30 months here will earn over 300k+/ month. I think is good compensation for the local market.

We are building something special at Andela and so there will be plenty of pressure for people to discredit us or make us seem disingenuous but as I have matured I have learned to stop listening to them. What is important are the facts of what we are doing

Allah knows best and HE also knows what is right.

I am doing what is right. I don’t know about those who use Allah name to spread rumors and cause disaffection.


Wallahu Allam - It means Allah Knows best and you are a annoying sir for saying that you don’t know who use Allah Name to spread rumors and cause disaffection. How am i causing anything ?

I still don’t know how i used Allah name to spread rumors. Please explain “how” sir


That’s strike 2 on the offensive scale.

@xyz do you know the problem about anonymous trolls? They can come into an environment and quickly sour the air with their foul manners.

It’s a free world, so of course feel to state your opinions. But if you can’t do so without insulting everyone, then know your mike will be taken away from you.

Have you got anything to say for yourself?


Well, Radar belongs to no one but everyone :slight_smile: JK

Am sorry if i talked in a way that isn’t accepted but i just got angry the way MR Andela took a shot at Islam because i used Arabic word…

Anyways, am sorry if anyone is offended by that. Am sorry again

But if andela could do something about those terms, i swear they would be beloved by everyone even the dead ones. I love initiative so well that i thought of starting something like that in my hometown

Am just a guy that got sad when a friend laid out the terms and not putting any rumours and disaffection like mr ANDELA stated

I wish andela founders and team well and i hope they keep crushing it :slight_smile:

@PapaOlabode have a wonderful sunny day


Chief xyz,

I also apologize if I annoyed you as well. I just think your friend was not telling you the whole story and I wanted to set things straight especially since you said you saw the contract.

You said: You will have to be with andela for 4 YEARS and you are not allowed to work on any other projects or even try startup something aside.

The Truth: Many Fellows have created side projects (I’ve even helped with some of them), and all you need to do is to write down that the project is separate from Andela to keep it your own.

You said: Your intellectual property is automatically owned by the andela folks…

The Truth: If you are working on something on your own, all you need to do is write it down. We verify it is yours and you can keep it as yours.

You said: If you want to cancel the agreement, you will have to pay 15k$

The Truth: If you only stay 2 years, you owe nothing. If you stay 18 months you owe only a quarter. This only works if fellows pay it forward. That’s the beauty of Andela. Ubuntu. I am because you are.

I’m glad we are all working towards the same thing.

PS: I’m a big big big fan of Islam so I could not have been taking a shot at it. I just wanted to point out that I didn’t think it was fair to use Allah’s name given Andela was being falsely accused