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Hey Guys!

Great to be on here.

Taking the lessons from my first venture (which we’re still going to go back to, because no giving up), FueledUp. Went back to the drawing board and was born!

Who are we? Simple, we’re a neutral third party, so we represent both the consumer and the business. If the consumer has been wronged, we fight to get them what they deserve to make it right. If they are filing a dubious case, we will protect the brand by not even bothering them and dealing with the consumer directly.

Check us out , We’re here to help.

Take a look at our explainer video :-

As always, all Feedback is appreciated.

Ps:- can read more of our story here, didn’t want to bore you :grinning:


Good one bro. I have been following you since your FueledUp venture started.

Quick questions: Why should i go through Resolve when i can directly talk to the company to get my issue resolved?

How do you make money from this?


Thanks for the following bro, i see you retweeting and on my timeline. Thanks for the support.

As regards “why you should i use”? It’s simple, less hassle for you.

Complaining directly is sometimes easy and sometimes can be quite cumbersome and tiring with atimes little or no resolution, so the burden of going through the process of complaining and waiting for feedback and constant communications with various customer service reps is taken off you, the consumer! the promise is to help every consumer push to get the fairest resolutions and negotiations as long as its a legitimate claim. A lot of people do not know their rights and entitlements.

How do we make money?

We haven’t started out as a profit making venture, we are more interested in the social well being of the everyday consumer. that was the basis behind building

We have a value ad which is Resolve for Business, our very own service support solution which comes at a fee to businesses that are interested in allowing us provide them customer service support.

If you have any other questions, here to answer.


My best advice,

Why not make an online Customer Support service , companies can pay for to easily help clients solve their myriad issues. So they pay u to be their CS Department.


I like this way of thinking.


Thank you very much for this. Although we’ve already put this in motion, which is where Resolve For Business comes in. That’s what the flyer in the comment above is about. We’ve also just onboarded some companies.


Great, wish u well…happy to help.


Totally agree!


Your Ad on Youtube does it for me. Maybe because it’s not oyinbo ish lol


Haha before I say thank you, let me not assume. You like our explainer video, yes? :thinking:




Yaaass!! Glad. Please share. Tell a friend to tell a friend!


The idea is amazing.

I see you aggregating the CS issues of companies and usin that data to force their hand to do business with you.

Will be alot of work, but if you can make it work…


Thanks a lot.

And yes you are spot on!




I think this is cool.
What if there is a customer service issue that has been pending for long? It’s about settlement of dividend warrant. Anyway you can help?


The “terms” link on the privacy page is broken.
Also, the “privacy” link on the terms page is empty.

Great idea and design.


Thank you!!

Well please lay the issue through, lets see how we can assist you with it. We just resolved an Arik refund issue that has been pending for long.


Thank you for this observation, and your comments too. we appreciate it!

Looking into the broken links as we speak. Cheers


So Fueled_Up never really launched? Spent quiet some time looking for your site or app