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Hi. Your start up is great and I’m taking by it. M sure you realise it has alot to do with offline corporate relations, tort law and alternative dispute resolution. I don’t know what kind of team you’ve assembled. But I am a lawyer with vast experience in alternative dispute resolution including commercial mediation and negotiation. I’m currently consulting for the Senate Ethics Committee on ADR. I will love to work with you to cover the offline legal works and negotiations. You can email me on so we talk further. Nice one


Thanks for this. We’d reach out to you shortly. Have a great week.



Please, I am also having refund issue with Arik Air since January this year. Could you help?


Most definitely. Please log on to
We’ve got our resolution champion ready to handle this for you.







Kindly, provide a testimonial of an issue you resolved.



Hi, you’d find the testimonials on our website. Cheers


Brilliant startup…We just launched an app called dipitize. It’s a photo betting app where users place bets on their photos and compete on who gets the most likes from the audience.
We will need an ally like especially at this early stage. Will send you a message soon. Good luck bro.


Thanks a lot bro. We should speak soon, always available. All the best with Dipitize too.


The site seems useful, and will hopefully be a catalyst in improving customer service standards in Nigeria.


Glad you find it useful. Yes, we believe so too! Very optimistic. Tell a friend to tell a friend, we are here to help!


Speaking about ResolveNg, how we’re doing since launch and what’s next.

Page 14. BusinessDay. 12/07/17 #3monthsandcounting #heretohelp


Clearly a wrong priority. You should be focused on helping people resolve issues. Your website should list customer complains and their status. (Not started, in progress, resolved). A good and detailed testimonials should also fall in place when issues get resolved. Highlighting: how you were able to resolve issues, steps to take if you have similar issues e.t.c. You have a really good business with a lot of earning potential but I think you need a business developer to help you realise it. Unless of course, this is just for charity.


Thanks for this. As regards being a priority, awareness is also important for the service.

The conversation with BusinessDay highlighted how we resolve issues and steps we take and how companies have responded to Resolve.

Website already has reviews although have not been updated with recent reviews so that would be looked at.

Any thoughts or recommendations are very welcome. Can shoot a dm. Thanks.


I just submitted this on your site…lets see how it goes

smartweb refusal to refund my transaction for domain renewal since March 2017 …
Wanted to renew a domain on March 22 on and interswitch card payment failed but I was debited, and I contacted them and I was told that they didnt receive my funds…
I then did a bank transfer to renew the domain.

I followed this up with my bank until Central bank customer service waded into it and gave me a screenshot of the successful payment in June…

Now armed with the evidence and numerous calls, they now accepted and confirmed receipt of the said payment by June 16 and promised to make a refund in two weeks…I’m still waiting for the refund in July

The money is small but Nigerian companies should be held accountable at all cost


Yes. I Saw that. You’ve also been responded to.


Impressive…Got an alert this morning for a refund…

I’ll definitely be a good evangelist for you… rocks…
It’s magical