Real World Design Challenge: Trying to fix the ATM


Fellow designers.
How about we try our hands on some real world problems.

Of all the technological advancements of daily devices and services, one of the few that has barely changed is the ATM. Surely the machines improved, but the underlying system pretty much remained the same.

So take a bit of time to study the User Interface + User Interactions for a ATM, try to figure out a way to optimise the user experience/flows, considering the kind of people that use it frequently. Remember, it’s not just about making it look better, its about making it work better (and faster) for the people using it.



I’m no designer. However been doing some hobby research on UX around ATM. Took these pictures last Friday and might be useful for this design challenge:

Interestingly enough it’s NFC enabled so a nod to the new

Advert while waiting is expected…

But ability to save ‘favourite’ is clever since it means prompts/steps are reduced next time

So this is how ‘My Favorites’ profile looks


Well well, i stand corrected. There has been some advancements. Not just the ones i’ve been seeing locally. This should prove insighful. Thanks man


Obviously, that ATM isn’t Nigerian. So let’s say we bring it home. Can someone design an optimum overall user flow for a Nigerian ATM?


I’ll be going all in on this.


I’m watching this thread closely. adjusting googles


I love this. Never thought of it anyways.


In my opinion, one key area ATMs across the world have not figured out yet is “authentication” - making sure the person inserting that card into the machine is the genuine owner of the account during transaction (not an alert after cash has left the account)

Future UI/UX has to incorporate that.


First of all, authentication is in the realm of security not UI/UX. But permit me to digress from the thread a little bit and talk about authentication. Would you want two-factor authentication or one-time pins or to be implemented on ATMs? How convenient would that be? Considering the fact that ATMs are public facilities which should be used a fast as possible so that others queuing behind the current user can access their cash or carry out transactions too. Do you imagine scenarios where the OTPs are delayed? Would you have to wait for minutes to get the OTP or cancel the transaction because those behind you are screaming?

Granted, we are advised not to share our ATM card pins, but you and I know that many people do give their friends, family members, or colleagues their ATM cards to help them with withdrawals. Parents even obtain credit cards for their children especially those abroad. If we have to authenticate that the person using the card is the actual owner of the card, how convenient would that be?

I think the card issuers know that in real-life applications, you have to balance user convenience and security. That’s why they have those terms and conditions to protect themselves when you mess up or when you are forced to divulge your card details.


You guys know that the new GTB ATM UI looks a bit like this, right?


Partially. If there’s any error in the transaction flow, you see the old blue UI.


Aye. I’m thinking that the blue UI may be as important as a PC’s command line. That it can’t really be yanked out, only covered over. But let’s see.


It isn’t. The blue UI is the UI of the ATM application, which uses Windows XP as the OS.
Diamond Bank seem to have done away with the ubiquitous blue UI, though their replacement isn’t as pretty as that of GTB.


User Flow: Customer approaches ATM, Customer taps card on screen, enters pin, selects amount, gets paid instantly.

User Flow 2: Customer opens Banks mobile app, selects ATM nearest to him, sends instruction on amount to be withdrawn,.taps Card on screen when he approaches ATM and gets amount out automatically.

From a user perspective: Safe, Fast and Reliable and Easily accessible.


I get that. But how tight is the pretty skin with the blue UI? Is it an app that calls an API the blue uses? Goes to do research


@Freshboi_Ekundayo - I do like both User Flow you’ve proposed. They both coming back to “authentication” method as key to a new and progressive design interface. @Ndianabasi - totally get where you are going with that “instantaneous” transaction happening without any delays, but if there’s a way to build in added security while designing a “Future ATM UI” - will be a win win for both Banks and Customers.


User Flow 2 would require authentication, since you hv to create an instruction from ur phone alerting the ATM to pay you when the card linked to your account is there, so ur PIN, Biometrics from App should do the needful, when u approach u can get ur money in 3 second flat.

Remember i want an ATM that is fast and safe those are the 2 parameters that are important, the rest things are just senrere extras.


I think you’ve lost me. The blue UI (as I understand it) is the UI of the ATM application.
GTB’s redesign, instead of being a brand new UI for their ATM application, is essentially just a skin on top of the app with the blue UI (and the skin does not cover all areas of the app, e.g. the error messages).
Diamond Bank’s version seems to have total coverage (though I don’t know if it’s a skin like GTB or a brand new app/UI).
I think basically they all use the same app, as evidenced by the poor alignment between the labels and buttons on some machines.
Now I’ve lost myself; please do correct any misunderstandings, @stigwue, while I figure out where I made a wrong turn.


This is well thought out, I’m so glad we might just be solving a real big problem.


This might help: