PayStack launched @ YC


@xolubi says the hall was as packed as a Deeper Life Retreat!!

They (incl. @shollsman & @FatherMerry) feels confident that it went well (dem sabi talk), & they look good for funds (boys don hammer!), to solve online payments in Nigeria.

[P.S Ezra has promised to buy booze for everyone who knew him, before his transformation to a ‘Lagos Big Boy’. He’s back to Nigeria in June]


Haaay God!!! Putting words in my mouth are we?

Thank you guys for the support so far. Ultimately, we are all in this together, and the possibilities are endless. The next couple of weeks are packed full with interesting updates designed to add more value to our customers and help redefine how businesses accept payments online. :v:


I like your new executive speak!! Levels have now changed …CTO is spinning big words like ‘packed full’, updates designed’, ‘more value’, ‘help redefine’. Who knew YC changes vocabs!

On a more serious note, do us proud bruv and keep shining! :v:t6:


@xolubi and @shollsman, doing it big. Like 'post to be.


Wow, Nice @xolubi all the very best man!


Good news, kudos to the team behind PayStack … watching you guys closely.


Big Kudos.
I’m excited about the possibilities for them


Good going guys, Future seems bright for Nigerian Techpreneurs !


Congrats to @xolubi and the rest of the team. Go do us proud! :smiley:


@FatherMerry I really like the design. Wishing you (+ team) success and positive growth!


Congratulations @xolubi. Flying the flag for Naija folks. We are in this together :wink:


Congratulations @xolubi and Paystack. I’m launching Furnish.NG with Paystack out-of-the-box :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Awon Boys are behind you. Let us know if there is anyone at that side of the pond that needs to be made an “Offer they can’t refuse!” and Awa ti Ojota go help you out.

All the best my guy!


Awesome! Congrats, guys!


Congrats @xolubi. All the best!
But I’ve always wanted to ask, what makes PayStack different from other payment gateways in Nigeria?
And what’s their website? or


Massive congrats to the team at PayStack. Keep flying, the possibilities are endless.


Me too, I really like the design, especially this area


Are you sure the page doesn’t appear that way because you’re using UC Browser?


@xolubi Now that Paystack is launched in the YC programme, will they be allowed to take up investments? I’m currently working on integrating the platform into a project for a client.


The reason why the rich gets richer is because the poor see opportunities and ignore it.

You need to create active competition to make the tech environment better especially in a growing country like Nigeria. No one paid attention to Google 10 years ago. Now, it is almost impossible to develop a new search engine. Why would you want to compete with Google? Google makes so much because the whole internet is dependent on Google search engine. They determine how much you pay per click, impression - in fact they have more power to influence the public than the POTUS.

I don’t mean to answer for xolubi but from a neutral point of view, I think PayStack exist to keep other payment gateway on their toes.

On a different note, GOOGL share price is about $700 now that’s insane. I’m seriously looking forward to a Nigeria tech company that would go public.