Paystack is live


I cant check, I don’t have internet banking


Ah. I see. Patience then, the notification will come eventually.


No problem, Nice work! :thumbsup:


Cordova/Phonegap has a plugin for inappbrowser which could be used to integrate paystack


Thanks Alot


But please who has done this integration with phonegap please share. I wanted to use it for an app. Doing a new version and want to launch in a week. Also @xolubi what is Revshare/Charge for this. None on your site. And is the payout instant or how long does it take


I know i have used it to integrate WebPay before in a Cordova app, however it is very very tricky, you need to be smart with the loadStart and loadStop event and executeScript method, however the limiting factor is that you are practically reading everything from the Url any data not in the Url and in the body is invisible to you. Using the inAppbrowser is basically hacking your way, the best route is still the CordovaPlugin, you can expose the PayStack easily via JavaScript, Inappbrowser route is definitely a hack.


This is highly theoretical so don’t judge if it doesn’t work (highly possible it might work)

  1. You will need the InappBrowser plugin

  2. Using the PayStack Standard

  3. On the callback of function is the authorization url

  4. So use inAppbrowser to open the url (Remember to whitelist PayStack )

  5. the return of the open method is the handle to the inAppbrowser

  6. bind on event stop and start which listens to when a url opens and close

  7. when you pay successfully it will redirect with a url like this

  8. Using Regular expression check for pattern like this (trxref=‘xxxxxx’)

  9. when you get the ref make a Ajax call to verify the transaction
    once you do

  10. Throw back a message box and remember that handle close the inAppbrowser and display the message

Theoretically that works if it doesn’t well too bad extend the CordovaPlugin…but high chances it will work :wink:


The pricing page will be up along with the new website this weekend. The current one is pretty much the same we had while we were in private beta. It’s bad form, I know… to go public without adequate pricing information.

To answer your question, we take 1.9% + 100 naira per successful charge. Zero setup costs, and no long term commitments. The extra 100 naira is waived for transactions below 2500. We cap transaction fees for local cards at 2000 naira meaning our share of the transaction will never go beyond that figure. Also, we are happy to negotiate discounts for businesses doing over 2m monthly.

For international cards however, we currently charge 3.9%.

Payout is on a 2-day rolling basis. You get money in the bank two days after the transactions happen. We will be adding a settlements module to the dashboard so you can see your payouts and the exact transactions that were responsible.


Finally, a decent alternative to WebPay.

I tested the demo with an international card (US issued), I was debited and sent a receipt seconds after. Merchant name was “PayStack_PWC” and Merchant location was “Lagos NG”. I was debited $0.52 for NGN100. Overall, very neat setup and works as expected. I’ll definitely be working closely with PayStack going forward.

Congrats @xolubi :slight_smile:


Wow, its amazing. I just tried using the demo, I am really excited for you guys.


I just tried the demo, it only required my card no, expiry date and ccv but not the pin…does this mean anyone that gets ahold of my card can make payments with it on Paystack?


Nice… So will there be a rewards program for consistent customers?


Nice. Signed up but haven’t gotten an email. How do I get to activate my account?


There are different ways of credit card purchase authorizations. If some choose less secure method it’s their problem. Merchants are charged back if a stolen card is used.

The only thing necessary to make a purchase is the card number, whether in number form or magnetic. This days, you don’t even need the expiration date or CVV. Most systems require more information (such as matching full name, bank phone number, physical billing address with zip code, et al) so that they can deal with fraud and/or chargebacks, and sometimes this is enforced by the issuing bank.

We should be talking about transactions that do not require CVV my dear.

It’s funny you had to ask this Q here. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
OK! Emmmmmm; Not so funny.


Have been perching on imaginary payment tree limbs waiting for this launch with my co-founder. Can’t believe we missed it! We await the mails hoping it doesn’t take as long as a NRC train ride from Sokoto to Enugu.

Congrats to you and the team


You were already logged in, weren’t you? Activation is necessary for going live with your integration. Since you just signed up, play around a little with the APIs, complete integration with a working product, and then complete your go-live process on the dashboard.

@sprime In the future, there would probably be a rewards implementation that businesses on Paystack can use to reward their loyal customers. :tongue:

@PaulEmekaEze Technically, you can register now. Thank you for the kind words.


I am disappointed for the following reasons:
You want to handle / or are handling payment. Your website should be secure from start to finish with SSL certificates on web and mobile. I signed up and logged in to my account, no https on the URL. This means my user account is not secure. We are talking money here.

Is your Company registered in the USA? If not, don’t you think you are deceiving users by displaying paystack inc (US)


If yes? :eyes: