Paystack is live


Yes Yes… is LIVE

@xolubi how we go celebrate this one now :slight_smile:

Paystack vs Flutterwave

Amount greater than minimum?


Thanks OP. Bring cake and vodka. :smile:

@Tola Oops. Please forgive the oversight. I could really use that money you were about to pay.


@xolubi How come I didn’t receive any email notification? :disappointed:


No vex abeg. Snail mail. On a more serious note though, it was a quiet launch - exactly two weeks ago. In that time, we have watched people onboard themselves and learned to optimize the process. Also, fixed kinks here and there in anticipation of the eventual “rush” when we send a mail out to our backlog.

E ma binu.


I think it is cool by me. Also did some test on it last week. But have issues trying to embed it on mobile. Android. Anyone with any ideas? Although i am doing a hybrid. Using Phonegap


Now that’s something…


Kudos @xolubi, would like to know if integration on android and iOS is seamless and if so would love to have the guidelines. Must confess I haven’t run the demo so please excuse my oversight.


I actually just did that, Its not quite straight forward tho !


@Ewere_Diagboya @stranger At the moment we don’t have a library for Phonegap but we are willing to work with volunteers who can make that happen. We do have a native Android library though.


In theory, could you use a webview in phonegap?


I’ll let the Phonegap experts answer that. :smiley:


It’s not the amount that kills me tbh. It’s the email address. Lol. Leaving no stone unturned.

Btw congrats @xolubi. Looks live! (Yes pun intended)


Dude is very consistent with his persona. I respect that.


as long as you have an Android Library, then Cordova support won’t be far fetched, someone just needs to write a Cordova Plugin


I just tried paystack demo, but i didnt recieve any email for the payment


this question is confusing, PhoneGap is WebView,

public class CordovaWebView extends WebView {

In practical PhoneGap/Cordova/CrossWalk all use WebView, that’s how your codes are injected in that view and one of it’s method is what triggers other Java codes in JavaScript Context which we all know as CordovaPlugins.

So this question is very confusing


That is odd. You should get a receipt from Paystack at least. Check your spam perhaps.

On the bank side, different banks treat our charges differently as there is an authorization and a charge step. Banks like Zenith send you a transaction notification immediately and your book and available balances are updated. GTB however, immediately updates your available balance, but you won’t get a mail from them until they eventually update the book balance. If you use GTB, you can login to confirm this.

That said, this has no impact whatsoever on whether you as a business will get settled for the transaction or not. As long as we report that the transaction is successful, that’s bank for you. :wink:


Yes i recieved a receipt from paystack, but i havent received any alert from GTB.

who recieves the money paid to the demo ? :grinning:


Wouldn’t you like to know? :wink:

p.s. You logged in to your internet banking to confirm, right?