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NIRA: lesson learned

I must say I learned the lesson the hard way. This post here and here said it all. Though, most of the things you said there were fact and true but it is hard to accept in the situation I was at that time. I had to admit I like your sense of humour with the way you expressed your points. But I had to move on.

So I pick my shovel and dug again just to find the ground in the land of NIRA to plant my seeds so that they can germinate and bear fruits.

Why again after I got burnt badly?
It is Because, I believed strongly I can do something different and unique with (.NG or .COM.NG) And this quote by George Bernard Shaw which was made famous by Robert Kennedy say it all how I look at things.

some men look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that are not and ask why not

This Idea, Concept or Business model might be “weird” to some in this forum but I believe in it 100%.

So, here I ask for your support to be first to purchase your own unique “URL” and I will be forever grateful to you.

Thank you sir.

I thank you for bringing @sfolayan NIRA President to clarified things at that time, you are appreciated. Please, I need your help to bring him here one more time. Thanks a lot.

And to all who have commented on this post here and this post here, I say thank you all because i learned a lot from you guys.

As always, please I need the help of everyone in this forum to give their constructive comments, suggestions and criticism, thanks.