Nigerian Entrepreneur Vlog: Side hustle to empire, by Honey Ogundeyi


Some of you already know Fashpa CEO, Honey Ogundeyi. I’ve been following her since she was at Google, before she left to focus 100 percent on the fashion startup that she’d been working on, on the side, and she’s one of the realest Nigerian entrepreneurs I’ve met. I’ve met quite a few, and quite a few are full of obfuscatory shit, trust me. Not Honey.

So I was really excited to learn about her entrepreneur vlog. I can count the number of Nigerian startup founders that keep active blogs on one hand, there aren’t nearly enough. Considering how few entrepreneurs find the time to write down their lessons and observations with the rest of the ecosystem, a video log is next level. And Honey will release a new video every week. That won’t be easy, but with her obvious media savvy I trust that she won’t disappoint.

The first episode, which I enjoyed watching, especially the intro, is here, and it’s under 7 minutes. Subscribe and tell her what you think!

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True, Honey keeps it 100. Great start, looking forward to the next episode.


Major obfuscatory shit!!! :slight_smile:
Really great video!


lovely video. I love her sense of humor.


Thank you!


Thanks- this startup life is hard enough you definitely need your humor!


That was a very cool Vlog.

Reminds me of the journal I keep on my computer about my experiences in business since I started in 2011 (I think).

Hmm… Maybe I should start posting them online.


Very nice video…getting gingered


‘obfuscatory shit’ is a big grammar pool. I agree however that the hype about the startup life in Nigeria is more than the substance. As for Honey, I know she will do exploits. I have worked with her when I was managing Google Nigeria media. She took a bold step to leave Google when the ovation was loud.
Kudos to her!


Oga we should talk o, PM


You should, we need more people telling their stories.


Hi Rotimi from Fasho here. What do you think about inviting people to tell their stories on your vlog? We don’t quite hear enough from the guys who haven’t ‘blown’ with their businesses. I’d gladly volunteer.

I would like to have a chat with you about fashion ecommerce in Nigeria. Seems that particular problems needs several hands on deck.

Also. Great video! :slight_smile:



How about this? For every video you release, I’ll post an entry from my journal. So we’ll be like motivating each other. And who knows, maybe others may join in as well…

The only question is:

Where do we post them?

I don’t have a personal website or a blog. And even if we do post it on our personal sites, it will still be good to have something like a collection of everyone’s journey. Something like Medium, but where you only post about your startup experience. I think someone pitched something like a startup stories website on Radar a while back. That may be a great place. Or even a category on Radar will do.

Let me know your thoughts.


If you like, you can post them to, we’ll give you a contributor byline. But I still think you should consider creating your own blog though, it will take all of five minutes to set one up on Medium. Whichever way, let me know.


@lordbanks will be a great place to post them. A category for Startup stories will also be great in case others decide to follow @HoneyO’s lead and share their stories. I wonder if she’ll also consider posting her videos in that category.

In any case, I’m all in. I’ll post the first entry when you give me access.

PS: I also think Medium is great but there’s a reason I can’t do a personal site/blog right now.


Alright then, hit us up when you want to begin!

cc @Fird


@MzAbiola has a blog
That’s the primary focus and she’s been doing a great work.

I’m sure she’ll love to publish your stories


But lordbanks, why can contributors also be on video not text :wink:


I think this is a great idea, and its very easy to set up a blog or a medium page as well as major as a tech cabal contributor. Your suggestion on TC is great, I would be happy to post my videos on there, so I think category of startup stories @lordbanks. One of my goals with the vlogs is to meet and learn from other startup entrepreneurs. Nice to eMeet you and hope you get this started soon!


I filmed some episodes with other founders for #sidehustletoempire, the purpose is to share stories and learnings, so keep watching!