Nigerian Entrepreneur Vlog: Side hustle to empire, by Honey Ogundeyi


Everybody is invited! We’re creating that video column for you right away!

Cc @Fird


Yep. My blog is always available! @Light


@StephenAfamO, @MzAbiola I would have loved to post on but I’ve already committed with @lordbanks.

@HoneyO it’s nice to eMeet you too. I’ve already sent the first entry of the journal to TC and they plan to start publishing the series from the upper week. I’ll let you know when they fix a date.


Looking forward!


No problem. :slight_smile:



You said you’d release a new Vlog every week :rage:

I’m still expecting a new episode.
Thank you.


Hey, Yes I have been delivering a new vlog every week! you should check out the channel and subscribe!