Nigeria Talk and Text with interconnected financial services app launched!


BeepTool is a community of users who rely on our talk and text app to stay connected with loved ones, share files, send small amount of money instantly to any bank accounts, mobile money wallets and pay for goods and services in Nigeria and Africa from any country in the world and also airtime top-ups around the world in real time and conduct their businesses.
We imagine a future where everyone, everywhere can connect to and share value with colleagues, friends, family and customers at the lowest possible cost. Our fast-growing platform is the lowest-cost service for calls and messaging with finTech services, offering free communication between Internet users and nearly free connection with mobile and landline phones. BeepTool has spread across more than 50 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on BeepTool to keep in touch.


A global communications app that lets you talk and text any phone in the world for free or with a very reduced cost.
★Free download, and no hidden costs
★Free global audio and video calls to other users over the internet - HD quality
★Free talk & text more: Freely to Anyone, Anywhere in the world
★Free Audio and video Conferences
★Get your friends together - make a free chat and group call with other users for free
★Free voicemail with e-mail delivery
★Awesome. Lowest rates on calls & text to local and international landline and mobile worldwide
★Minute plans and attractive pay as you go rates
★Multipackages – attractive plans for frequently used destinations.
★Call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding and PUSH notifications
★PINless Calling card call through for mobile devices users without the need for a data plan or WiFi connection.
★Virtual local phone numbers - get phone numbers from more than 70 countries.
★Secured communications – BeepTool messenger automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, videos and group chats.
★ Instant video messages - Tap and hold the instant video icon to capture the moment with 30-second videos, release to send.
★ Share photos, documents, videos, voice notes, locations, emoticons with your loved ones
★Send SMS to mobiles using BeepTool Out
★Our app syncs with your mobile contact list and automatically detects other BeepTool app users on your contact list making you a part of our proud BeepTool community.


The app also helps people across borders to improve the lives of their loved ones. A mobile bank and payment network, interconnecting financial institutions and mobile operators and end users globally allowing senders to control how funds are spent. BeepTool app makes life easy for users and even easier for you.
★ MONEY TRANSFER between accounts: A micro payments within the system. Allows BeepTool users to transfer credits between each other.
★ SEND MONEY to any Nigeria bank account from anywhere in the world instantly
★ SEND MONEY to any Nigeria mobile money wallet from anywhere in this world instantly
★ RECEIVE MONEY from friends and family to your Nigeria bank account or mobile money wallets
★ PAY BILLS back home with ease from anywhere! Sort out those bills and get re-connected instantly!
★ ASK FOR MONEY from friends and family abroad.
★ SEND LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL. Send airtime of prepaid phone of any operators from all over the
★ SEND INSTANT bulk SMS to multiple contact
★ Honest, low fees, starting from $1 and Instant transfers to any bank accounts or mobile wallets or payments in Nigeria from any country of the world. Other Africa countries coming soon.
★ 100% money back guarantee and Invite friends and earn money
★ Recharge via Debit/credit card etc

Also available for free download for PC, iPhone Mac on iTunes app stores or BeepTool


Let’s stop “launching” products that are almost as old as Konga, please? Thank you.


The financial part of it! is very new!
check the app and drop your advise!


Did you seriously think anyone would read that long spiel?


Nope. Not me.
Also, IT’S A FUCKING BEE! How am i supposed to take this seriously?


I saw the length of the post and I was discouraged instantly :unamused:


Just Download from google store and check out and give advise


:joy::joy: cracked me up


My exact reaction:cold_sweat:


That’s better.


When a man sees an opportunity to advertise for free…he post all rubbish !!! When a copied app is too busy with features…it becomes useless and that is exactly what this half baked app is. busy - body… The logo is kills it as well coupled not use of rioting colors…its a complete trash…


I know you too well. You have talked to me so much personally. We didnt kill your product we solve people problem and we are moving ahead. You contacted me before wanting to know. Note no negative publicity of yours will sop our system. What you posted and your chat with me before seem you are angry with beeptool as whole? Is it that you have a product and we are killing yours? Hahahah. You told me alot on personal emails and chat with me.
The good news is that you been discouraging start up in nigeria but for beeptool you are loser as it still up and running a full time office in USA now
BeepTool app is an integrated app


Oga beeptoo abi toolbeep, carry your market go alaba market to advertise… We are here to learn from each other… Your sole interest is just to Spam this forum… runnning a full office in the USA is not our business… If you are a Nigerian startup come to lagos, set up an office and compete… You dont need to spam, if your product is good it will be noticed… Seeing your long post here suggests that you are struggling with life… people criticize Linda Ikeji and others, they never come here to say one is a loser and that she is shinning…I plead the admin of this forum to remove this so called spammer beeptool


The guy is confused… real spammer as you called it… I vote too that he be removed from this thread


We are moving on and we are not discouraged.
like I mentioned some of personally reach out to me eg crescent asking me how we are able to pay for hosting up till now etc and said at alot and I can share all chat and emails he send to me.
So I am surprise such person can come here and write negative stuff about BeepTool.
Like I said BeepTool is not competing with any one, we solve high cost of communications and financial services for Nigerians and Africans home and abroad.
So what we did is not to reinvent wills but got legally API and scripts and features of what some app already have and try to be a prime integrated app for our users at affordable rate. Eg BeepTool is affordable compare to any other voip provider calls to Nigeria worldwide check our rate and others. And also we are connected to all Nigeria banks and 10 mobile money operators to enable people do all financial services as well, so it is an ecosystem app. So before u criticized first do u know the mission and vision of BeepTool
As per USA office I mentioned, Just to be able to get USA investors and also to technically support the product from USA, we have Nigeria office for sure.

And my advise to you all, is that when you criticize it must be constructive and not an insult. both of you that are saying I should be removed from the forum, don’t even know the rules of the forum as I know for sure any sensible person will see all I posted. And will understand all I said which is not against the rules.


Haba, Abeg Radar no be cartel, please allow Beeptool to share with us. Don’t discourage them abeg!


You see? your sin shall find you out… of course is still the same @JohnEnoh who fought against (most of) Radar during the whole eMoneyPond… He spammed nearly any forum, blog he comes across…fight people left and right… he attempted many whole lots of failed projects… Thanks man for pulling his old stories out…
He is John Enoh…He lies too much… the whole features in the world he wants to have them all in just one struggling app…a master of known…having all those featiures where are you today? backyard of course


Imagine a man who spammed the thread in 2016 asking people to send CV for employement…that idea was soon forgtotten and innocent people suffered stress sending him applications… look at the dead domain below;
Welcome to:
This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of

Welcome to:
This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of


You guys should take it easy on him. He might have spammed the forum, but attacking him or his startup is not the best way to go about it. Like someone said, Radar should not be a cartel. If some people post shit here, some members will still applaud them. This has been going on for some time. Note that foreigners too visit this forum. We should not spend our time pulling down others rather we should constructively correct them,

As for him having failed projects, it is known that Jason and Sim also had FAILED projects until they struck Gold. There is no crime in failing.

Lets put the energy we use in attacking others into our various ventures.


which kind startup is beeptool? ok anyone who just copy Mr B is now a start up… i see …You can only say that to someone who is correctable and accepts corrections… All @JohnEnoh knows is to call you a loser, shut up, and others… check most of his post since 2016 you will understand that he thinks he knows it all whereas he knows nothing…