Nigeria Talk and Text with interconnected financial services app launched!


@crescent @techwizard let’s dispense with the personal insults please. Every member of this forum deserves to be treated with civility and respect. And startups fail. It’s part of life. No reason to brand a man a failure for that.

I move to close the thread. It’s served it’s purpose. Cc @lordbanks


Oh thank God am able to contribute to this thread as it has not ended yet. @JohnEnoh is a Big liar! I have just viewed nearly all his past post here and I further google his various posts online and I agreed that he is a total spammer and of course a failure. A man who posted job offers when he had known… a man who posted and created profile on various fund raising sites and yet had no product but a clone copy of VIPPIE app, by voipswitch. A man who who claims his buggy app can send money to Nigeria and yet its false. A man who claims he got offices in US and Nigeria and yet his app on play store is nowhere to write home about…All I can see is an app floating in all of voipswitch default features… so what are you raising fund for? something fishy


Nor mind the noise maker … jare…


Airtime recharge is now free of commission… ref;
As you have been shouting that your app does mobile transfer as if its a reigning thing… no commission nor gaming no network problem as the dead honey bee logo app that you have been struggling over a decade - spamming nearly all kinds of forums that come your way


Nor mind am jare…