NIBSS Developers Hangout


Someone sent this to me today.
BVN is required for registration :slight_smile:


@OoTheNigerian; you seemed to have skipped this sought of case scenario. Cheers.

Reference: Nigeria’s BVN Policy and ONE Matter Arising


They had to go and make it creepy.


Very creepy!

What is the assurance that your BVN will be in safe hands as per Nigeria’s dumb Cyber Security Loop Holes.


Are there SDKs or APIs available directly from NIBSS? Developers exist on their platform?


Yes there are APIs for different things - POS, ATM and other payment channels directly from them. And from the very little I know, they are quite extensive too. The event seems like an opportunity to talk/learn about them.


In my Opinion, I do not think it is Rationally Ethical to encourage the use of BVN as a prerequisite in the registration of individual user accounts on a platform as this just for mere hangouts, chats and meet ups. NIBSS should do a deeply re-think about this. We are of a region that is still trying to convince even the so called educated and elites population among us to migrate totally to Cashlite mode of financial transaction, so to use BVN in this light -At This Time- may further batter the little confidence the same empire is trying to build in Nigerians on safety on electronic platforms… Like I said… It is my candid opinion… Cheers!


What is the assurance that anything is safe on the internet? Going down this route at this point, for this event is really unnecessary.


I think there is alot of misconception about what BVN is and what it is suppose to achieve. Guess this is why NIBSS is doing this. Having your BVN in public space is no risk to your account or your money. It is just like listing your name and all you accounts online. Most of us do this.

BVN is just a database of all account numbers linked to a user with a unique ID (BVN). The database is not linked to your banks database neither is it linked to you card. Today, most of us have Google, Paypal and Apple accounts that we have linked our cards to, and constantly hear how this companies are getting hacked but dont complain, but we tend to bring down the house on our very own Nigerian company that is doing a good job with no risk to our finances or bank account.

NIBSS is Nigerian Financial Industry best kept secret. They have been in operation for over 21 years without a case of fraud or hacking. Almost all the transaction done in the financial industry today passes through them. I have a close relationship with them and i know how they operate. They are trying to drive innovation and encourage young developers to develop our own paypal and the likes. its time to break the monopoly of the like of interswitch and the banks.

Think you should logon to the site and read up and not assume


Yes there are. One of the reasons for the Developers hangout.


Thank you @nanyaks. There’s no such thing as absolute security. As long as there’s a publicly accessible IP address. Security is gone. We, as people, should refrain from this finger-pointing syndrome.


@dftaiwo to say NIBSS is expensive is misinforming the public. Their charges are close to nothing.
Today integration fee for their Central pay (web payment gateway) is zero, and it gives you alot more than you can get from interswitch and you pay about N150k if not more. You have all cards (visa, mastercard and verve) and it also does account based payment, that allows you to pay using ur internet banking login or an otp.

NIBSS is not a profit oriented company, they seat and negotiate with you, looking at your business. They are more interested in growing your business than making profit. I think their highest charge for any of their products is N50. i negotiated a business to as low as N1 per transaction.


Thank you for this! I have been very worried about the alarmism that has trailed the introduction of BVN especially by the tech community. Like you already stated, there’s a huge misconception about BVN at the moment.


@ty4tizo is there a website i can read about their products? I cant get much from their website? Will be happy to build directly on them.


@Uduak Send them an email, . Explain what you are interested in doing with them.
They respond to their emails within 24 hours.


the NIBSS i knew was not accessible and required you to pay exhorbitant fees for training before allowing you access to their APIs


Chief. This is not a fight o. I said “EXTENSIVE” not “EXPENSIVE”.

Please read my post again.


@dftaiwo Sincere apologies, my error.

@segebee the NIBSS of today has changed, they are more open to do business with 3rd parties now. Before now they were more focused on serving the Banks.

There are charges for some businesses eg, terminals certification, think the max they charge for those services is 200k. They recommend trainings but none has been made compulsory for me.


“They have been in operation for over 21 years without a case of fraud or hacking” … don’t say stuff like this. They could be hacked and not know about it (in essence there is no way to verify this; including insider information) …

And stuff like this… “Having your BVN in public space is no risk to your account or your money”… The world is a more complicated place; don’t underestimate the creative mind of the evil genius …


No qualms whatsoever.

And I’m actually quite interested in learning more about NIBSS and already registered for the event. Your experience with NIBSS has clearly been positive, making this more interesting and appealing.