Needed: Volunteer Developers and Designers for Nigeria's First Online Politcal Party


Hello folks,

This Post is a Followup to @Ogunleye_Damilare 's post on a Social Media Democratic Party on Radar, where I made the SAGE deduction that he will never ever be able to get Designers or Software developers to work on this laudable goal that has the potential of helping Nigeria.

@PapaOlabode rose stoutly to your defense, he stated that there may actually be Developers who are somehow miraculously patriotic enough to want to work for free on this kind of Non-Profit making goal…well I dare any of you to prove me wrong in my assertions.

In the very very rare case that you want to prove me wrong, Please indicate your Interest here, and refer to this very very very basic model here

So, what is needed are Software Developers and UI/UX Designers who want to volunteer and work for free on this project. No salaries, No Fees, No tangible benefit apart from the far flung hope that you are contributing to something that may, just may possibly change the fate of Our dear Country.


I think a task sheet needs to be drawn up, open a Github account so people can take up pieces of the projects they want to work on and push. I don’t know how many people will come out and say “I’m volunteering”, but it will be easier for someone to contribute a CRUD script for a little part of the project.

Small small like that, we can get it done.


I am volunteering


I am volunteering (But an intermediate php pogrammer) will be glad to be part of the project, I see a youth movement cooking


Oga @alpontif, i doubt if it is in your place to start ramping up this kind of support.

Essentially, you want to prove the likelihood of probono support for the idea @Ogunleye_Damilare shared, for no other reason than for your own curiosity cuz according to your posts from that thread and this one, you don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm.

Out of your own curiosity you botch a request that would have come in its time from the vested parties. Very uncharitable to say the least.

You honestly think anyone interested would throw-in his/her support just to prove you wrong? Just for kicks?

Take down the thread and wait for the right people to set it up on their own time. Or join the slack channel somebody mentioned in the other thread.


Hello bros @87_chuks.

Folks like you are the reason why I am certain the laudable idea will not work. You simply do not have the ability to ignore the noise and focus on the message.

How did my request for Developers to actually show interest in this thing turn out to me ‘‘botching’’ a ‘‘request’’ that would have come in its time from ‘‘vested parties’’?

Like some will say in Yoruba, Ki la gbe,Ki le Ju? (Wetin we carry, wetin You throw?)

How is it uncharitable of me to take out my time to spread the word about an idea I am skeptical about?..abi you dont know what charity means again?

And what do you mean by saying it is not in my place to start ramping up this kind of ‘‘support’’?, are’nt you in any way contradicting yourself here?, because how will you accept that I am ramping up support for something and in the same post allege that I am Uncharitable ?

If anybody will decide not to join because I want to be proved wrong, that person has problems with pride, and will be poison to the success of this kind of thing, because it is not about me, or the originator, or you, It is about Nigeria. If such people cannot rise above my selfish need to be proved wrong just for the kicks, how are they better than me?..does that not tell you anything about their personality?

Do not use this thread to serve as an excuse for not signing up as a developer, I dare, in fact I double dare you…matter of fact I guranfuckingtee it that any developer worth his onions, who is also patriotic, will not wait for jibes from skeptics like me before jumping on the bandwagon of actually trying to do something for this country, in whatever guise that comes…

And seriously, who the F**k are you to write that I should take down a thread you should have simply ignored if you have nothing useful to add?

And who are these right people you are so hung up about?

Why is it so hard for Nigerians to overcome nonsense pride?


Did it occur to you that perhaps they are only interested in content writers and core managers at this point and not developers and designers? Everything in its time, buddy.

While we are at it tell me what you’d do with the users that decide to volunteer here? Set up your own slack channel and handover to @Ogunleye_Damilare at what point in the project?

Don’t make a mess. If you’re interested join the wagon, if not keep calm and watch.

A concerned citizen…and you sir, are role playing Dino, in this politican experiment.


YNot trying to play moderator here but I guess you both (@alpontif and @87_chuks) mean well. I think camps of pessimism, optimism and skepticism can all co-exist on this subject without descending to a face-off of keystrokes.

I actually understand what @alpontiff might be driving at considering he’s had a similar thought since 2013 and even proceeded to do some work on same. I think he’s as optimistic as his skepticism. @87_chuks and I may not totally agree with how @alpontif has approached it but I certainly don’t think he means any ill. (Now I am sounding like a Spokesperson and moderator at the same time. Didn’t @xolubi get that Radar community manager role again? Ah, if he didn’t then Radar must have brought in Cabal and Nigerian factor into the recruitment process: grinning:)

In all, I think my point is, “a lil chill creates no ill”.

*P.S. As a follow up to @87_chuks crystal ball comment, we are actually looking for volunteer content writers (and wiki writers as @niyi puts it), a UI designer and a community manager(s). If interested, please kindly drop a response. I will follow up with you. Thank you.


Seriously, who is this ‘‘they’’ you keep on talking about?

Buddy, I still do not get why you want me to turn this to an issue, i swear.

The facts of the story is clear for all to see, @Ogunleye_Damilare came up with a beautiful concept, I entered the role of a Devil’s advocate, @PapaOlabode said he is sure developers will sign up, I disagreed, and created a thread to disprove that BASIC point…what is so complicated here for you to understand?

And even if this ‘‘They’’ you are so hung up on do not need developers or designers right now, is it not commonsensical enough to amass a pool of such talent before they need them?

Since you already know that I will set up my own slack, before I even know of that thought, I guess by now you already know that I think you are somehow trying to create fire where there is no oxygen, If this were nairaland, I probably would have imagined you to be a bit dumb in the head,just a bit…but this is not nairaland, so I wont do that.

And what for God’s sake do I need Volunteers for, when you see that I believe the idea will not work, and where you saw me clearly mention the name of the idea originator, and link back to the Main topic thread? that not to point would be volunteers in the right direction?

Jeesu kristi, you just want me to lose my temper this beautiful Sunday.

I think you should be the one that should keep calm and watch, if you cannot tolerate dissenting views about the viability of any idea, You most certainly are not going to be able to survive any form of partisan political system, I am so sure of that.

Stop making a mess by coming up with insinuations that have no basis in reality, Kindly sit down and shut up.

Well, thanks for the compliment, at lest as bad as he be, dino is actually making a difference, positive or negative.

Na you sabi.


It’s looks like you’re upset? Guy save the anger for the bad guys; government croonies that sit on their asses all day thinking of new ways to hurt our bussinesses.

You should run points with @Ogunleye_Damilare on the project so the birth process is well streamlined, so calm down.

And do take care of your tone and address here, it’s difficult to separate the way people perceive you run your business from the way you handle public matters. And who knows I might actually be in need of your services tomorrow.


This didn’t stop you from using all those words.


All of this argument is not called for. What those interested in this vision should do for now is to start strategizing and those who are pessimistic should be at the sidelines and watch. Actualization is key…


I do not mince words if I find you annoying, or deliberately trying to provoke me, I have little patience for BS, this probably is why I am an Engineer.

Personally I dont want your business, and indirectly insulting me, and then trying to be politically correct when I give it to you straightup, should be an indication to discerning potential clients that I am straightforward.

If you did not take care of your statements concerning the assumptions you made about my intentions, why should I, FOR FAIRNESS’S SAKE, take care to mind my words when I give you back what you deserved?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

And about been a potential client, that does not give you an excuse for assholery, I design, I build, I guarantee your Project Funds, I deliver…all that has zero relevance to whether you like me or not, If it is in your economic interest to do business with me, you will, so please dont push that form of indirect blackmail to me, I am not buying it.

Yes, I am upset…as much as I can possibly be at an anonymous somebody on an internet forum, and If you take the time to check any of my previous posts on this forum, you can never see me been insulting. So I take it P, I dont treat people bad, but If you treat me bad, I will pay you back in that exact coin very promptly…,.potential customer or not. I am Karma’s Project Manager,among other things.

Again, If you had taken the time to go through the main thread, You will see that as much as I was skeptical about the whole thing, I was still suggesting points on how to make it work, which is why you are now able to create insinuations.

And let me state for emphasis again, I do not want people who form insinuations out of thin air as Clients, If you are a bad person, chances are you will be an unreasoning Client, So we do not want that.

See what you made me write? even I am looking like the bad guy…

I need some beethhoven to calm down.


I apologize for that.


Yes, You are right. Those interested can go to the main thread at Social Media Democratic party on radar

I will be watching from the sidelines, and raising points where necessary.


Biko @87_chuks and @alpontif let’s call timeout small. I feel there’s been a slight misunderstanding but maybe we can move on.

So back to this thread, @alpontif about the need for developers & designers - ultimately, this is not a technical issue. It’s a political one. And just thinking about this properly, how many people would be needed to build the likely platform on full time basis? Say 6 people - 3 developers, 1 designer, 1 QA and 1 PM. So not a lot of people. But, nobody is likely going to do this full time. So the point is - you don’t need a lot of engineering talent to build an MVP.

However, you want to get a lot of people invested in this idea. Not money - but commitment. So if one is able to get 70 people contributing code or pixels or content…then that’s 70 people committed to the project. That’s why I’ve said on the earlier thread that a large funnel of good people is needed. This is a case of the more, the merrier.

Ideally, if I’m a developer and my dad’s is APC and mum’s PDP, I would be sufficiently curious and optimistic enough to contribute my time. Within reason of course!

Now I’m not naive - siddon look is the default position. So what is the bare minimum needed? I think some designs. That’s it. No code is required. Too early I think. Again, this is ultimately not a technical challenge.


How about get non technical people to donate to it?Paystack can set that up. We have a budget of say, N1m and get folks who believe in this to donate. And a team is recruited to do it. Risk is distributed.


I’m interested. What do you need?


Slight misunderstanding? I think that’s an understatement; i was called dumb and stereotyped right before i was told to shut up. Slight misunderstanding? Try again.

That aside, @Ogunleye_Damilare i believe if you want people to pitch in, especially serious people, you should take charge. More charge. I know you don’t want to come off as lording over whats supposed to be a social project but people contemplating volunteering will be more confident that this isn’t one of those midnight whims, when there’s a sense of someone owning the reins without excuse.


You’re right. There was gross misunderstanding…on both sides.