Needed: Volunteer Developers and Designers for Nigeria's First Online Politcal Party


I agree this is a possible style.

I don’t agree I have to adopt it.


You seem pretty clear on how this misunderstanding should have gone, don’t make it a habit of chanting from the bleachers. Enlighten us.

Certainly not! Just one of my many personal opinions, reason i started with “I believe”.


The only clear thing is your erroneous extrapolation.
There was gross misunderstanding on both sides, that’s all I said (& care to say) on the matter.

I haven’t got the voice for chants.

I think your nearest distribution company or generating set would do a better job than I of providing whatever enlightenment you seek. Honestly.


But, right now, what to do is not clear. So a bit premature to be raising money at this point.

Actually talking of money leads to another angle - why do people hate the current political parties? I don’t think it’s because they’re filled with old and incompetent people in leadership people. Instead, it’s because it appears that a few people are propagating and protecting their own interest. And one of the ways, they do this is by using - money. So one to consider before introducing funding to this. [side note: funds will definitely be needed (like any political party), at some point]

To be honest, IMO, if this is to be successful (or have any hint of success), it can’t just go through the motions, by playing ''startup". You know; fund raise, get a bunch of developers, have an MVP, and boom - users flock to the platform.

Maybe what could really happen is OP steps back: get a few people to really figure out/brainstorm what this should be (seems that’s what he’s doing), communicate in a transparent manner (‘transparency’ will be critical for this to work) what needs to be done and enlist folks to help him do it. Have mad storytelling skills (the type Jacob used to get Esau’s birthright). And enough bandwidth to take this forward (to the promised land).

In any case, let’s even assume this is a purely ‘startup’ thing (which it’s clearly not). After the brainstorm - comes the SRS. Then, maybe, you need a few designs (preach the gospel to @leslie and @chimdinduaneke - I’m almost certain they will help out), or mockups so the vision of the platform can come to life. As this is supposed to be a ‘social media party’, then reach out to social media ‘influencers’ so they can talk about it to their base. Go ‘viral’ by word of mouth (or ‘growth hacking’ to use more startup speak) to reach your users.



Please count me in… I write PHP codes and also use the WordPress CMS very well.
Will be glad to help in any way I can. Whats the next step?


Interested parties can please inbox @Ogunleye_Damilare for further directions.


Hmmmm Online Revolution I know dey ooooo.




How do i volunteer? Ui/Ux Designer