Linda Ikeji Social dead in 5 months?


This goes a long way to prove that building a successful startup isn’t just about having the money to build one.
It funny the way some people think about social medial, if Money is the key.
Google Hangout(I still use this), Google+(also this), Microsoft Socio and Badoo won’t have gone solo. - They all have the money.
IMHO, Facebook itself has turned to a new Youtube. The y are keeping up with Facebook Messenger.

This sh** goes beyond giving out free recharge cards online- I wonder where she got that Idea from.:smirk:

Linda Minions - Bite Me.:grimacing:


They are all microblogging platforms.

What really is a social network?


I can’t agree less


Maybe she should give seun an offer he can’t refuse.


Sensible talk


Let’s assume LIS is dead as you’ve implied, is this supposed to be a post-mortem discussion or another fala folo “I told you so” discourse about LIS? If the latter, it won’t take us anywhere. LIS may not have worked for what it was intended but would have given her insights into something else e.g. She’s killing it on YouTube with little effort.

We are not sure what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s still room for LIS 2.0, LIS 3.0 and many more social networking platforms.


Lol. Like Google plus 2.0? Or allo messenger 2.0?


Please, how are Instagram and Snapchat microblogging platforms?


LIS was never going to work. The foundation of the project was wrong.
For Linda, it was a way to expand her ads network, but she should have known that those that have built social software products or services with instant profit in mind usually fail.
For those who come here to blindly defend LIS or Linda, would you prioritize LIS over Facebook (knowing LIS was a buggy counterfeit)???
It’s one thing to get the ideas right, it’s another thing for Nigerians to support it. Those coming here to fight critics over this matter probably don’t even fully know how LIS works or what it’s all about, some may have only visited it less than 5 times.
Tech startups will keep suffering in Nigeria because potential investors only believe in or understand buying and selling with 200% profit. That’s why Kenya, South Africa, Ghana are ahead of us technologically.
Either way, I still commend Linda Ikeji for trying.


The problem wth lib was the execution of the idea. How do u focus the social network on d same content on d blog… You login and the first thng you are served are blog posts from lib… It wasn’t until a couple of months that they implemented a forum

There was no allure to lis.


I remember when I shared a post tagged - Linda Ikeji Missed It - People wan chop me raw…Now you see?


@Ogechi_Daniel_Ndukwe People are always against unpopular opinion, Its normal !


Exactly, that’s a fact