Linda Ikeji Social dead in 5 months?


Visited it today out of curiosity. Tried to log in with my desktop but was given authentication error. Luckily my phone still had an active session from the launch, so I used that. The only active part of the site is the blog feed. There most posts have 1 comment only. Even the posts with several comments are due to repeat entry error by one person. Other parts of the site are rendered unusable due to being infested with spam and yahoo. Personally I think she should call it a day and leave social networking to Mark Zuckerberg and co. This thing is not working. LIS, RIP 2016-2017.


Are you asking us? :confused:

Yeah, because Mark Zuckerberg was an expert in social networking when he started. sigh. I don’t even know the point of this post. Are you a failed startup analyzer or you just want to inform us. Oh well thanks for the info. I’m done


It’s like you are praying for it to fail. That’s not a good move. The market is big enough for everyone.


Agreed, why not build one that works??.

I believe there should be a positive side to every topic posted here rather than shaming a concept that can potentially be bigger than anyone can think of because of wrong execution.

A social network is not a bad idea, with the rate at which the Nigerian tech space and public accepts and try out new ideas, who says a community of Nigerians (and others) will not work. “Why not give it a shot?” thats what I thought about after reading your post and I am wiling to.

:bulb: It can be an open source platform so other developers can chip in. We have Nairaland, naijapals, naijagist, LindaIkeji and several other blog/news community websites, we don’t need another one, we need something different. I think the idea Linda pursued was to get her users to communicate better with each other because the comment section of every of her post is always flooded so I think she saw the potential to get more users by allowing free communication and even more to build a database of users which an be used for several purposes later on.

An idea popped into my head, not really a social network but something like a profile finder which can become social and interactive.


Leave Linda alone biko… she is living her dream… If you have any idea to support her, visit her office and offer your idea and who knows you guys can become pals. Thats how to impact something into one another…except if such recipient of idea is recalcitrant or showing too know… for Linda, am really impress that such lady came out of the shore of NIGERIA


This is why i love Radar. See post, see comments. Comments keep cracking me up


Can all of you just onlook if you are not contributing anything to the discourse? The OP saying something doesn’t work is just stating facts - he even explained how it does not work.

I miss when Radar had technical discussions. Yes, it was brutal but there was something to learn not the silly comments informing us how Mark Zuckerberg didn’t get it in a day (:rolling_eyes:), or asking why doesn’t the OP build his own LIS(:rolling_eyes:).

An objective comment is not a prayer for something to fall or bad belle. Let’s discuss why these already failed products keep failing so the community can learn and do better.


How many of us notice the failing of many apps? could it be that the cost exchange rate is a contributing fact? cos many of them had to pay through their nose… Paying just $50 monthly to any host overseas will see you coughing out almost 25,000 NGN… When he earns nothing yet from such an app…na wao


Maybe, but in this case I will say there was no design thinking behind the app. A lot of things weren’t working even though they could have been fixed over time, I wonder if they had a team working actively on the product.


They had a team, many of them too are experienced developers but Like I said any idea without proper funding is a mere dream… They probably want to bootstrap for sometime without annoying ads which is normal. Little did they know that even their personal salaries was not enough to take them far… Iam one of the few guys who like trying anything new from a Nigerian startup… Just when you think they would improve on them over times, alas its off the line… some will even refused new sign up why cos of inability to pay for their sms gateway for OTP and lots more… Nigerians are really struggling brother…


It’s as if Linda forgot what made her successful the first time around. Low costs, persistence and organic growth over time. Seems to me like she wanted to do things the “right way” this time, with a big launch, lots of hype and marketing, not realizing that the way she did it the first time was indeed the “right way”


It is the typical Nigerian response to criticisms where they label the critic as exhibiting a pull-him-down syndrome. Linda has minions everywhere. I am impressed.


With all due respect to Linda and her team, this idea was designed to fail. Facebook is the last social network. Even Google got their fingers burnt when they tried to compete with Google+.
Here are some of the people that warned Linda to stay away from social media business and face what works for her.

But in this part of the world, we don’t take criticism in good light. Critics are called ‘haters and or bad belle’
But I salute their courage to build something but not the concept.


I think we can have something like a local social network, most nations have it. For now nairaland is our number 1 local social networking candidate. In Russia it’s VK. Even in the USA services like Kik are very successful.

Let’s stop all the “we have Facebook so why should someone build…”

Please Nigerian developers feel free to dream and build anything.


First off this statement is incorrect. Facebook isn’t the last social network.

As per the criticisms, a lot of people predicted this especially here on radar, you can easily find the posts. I remember saying at one point that her biggest competitor was LIB.

Basically she felt she could lure loyal customers through the promise of giveaways and freebies just like LIB.

There’s really nothing new here that we didn’t see coming/didn’t predict. Most of us just feel the Linda issue has been over flogged especially on here.


You’ve said it all, to some extent I just ask myself, “aren’t some of these guys tired of the matter”
By the way, there’s nothing wrong with trying, she did well by trying but her strategy wasn’t good enough


What are you yapping about. No one ever said there was anything wrong in criticizing, or that criticizing means you’re “bad belle”. I believe constructive criticism can be invaluable for one’s business. Mean-spirited criticism on the other hand can suck the confidence out of an entrepreneur. There was nothing constructive from the OP and no suggestion given other than…

If that’s the advice we give to failing startups then I wonder how the ecosystem will be. Also you said [quote=“steveamaza, post:7, topic:12200”]
I miss when Radar had technical discussions.

If this is what you mean by technical discussion then I wonder the radar you have been visiting.


TIL Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. are not social networking services


Then maybe the person shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.
“Mean-spirited criticism” is the least of an entrepreneur’s worries.

I'm not in support of "mean-spirited" criticism, though.


While I admit, I may not have said it in the best way, quitting while she’s ahead is actually very good advice. I am not aware of any social network or forum that has been able to pick back up from a drastic loss of users(slow loss is recoverable though). If you can name one, I will withdraw my statement.