Linda Ikeji expansion so far


That was actually sarcasm at play. It was deliberate and it received the desired response. However, we are just engaging ideas and no cause for rancour.
One love!


lolololol… I think I get the point you are trying to make…

But referencing a TV series is not that bad shaaaa… because even though a lot are made out of pure fiction… a few are actually based on research…


This is why you should know something about tech if you want to invest in such industry in Nigeria :slight_smile:


Below is another reason. They registered a domain: on and setup emails for her but left the landing page for the registrar to advertise on.

Why couldn’t they setup a proper landing page? I’m sure madam Linda Ikeji will not like this… but again, this is what happens when you invest in what you don’t know much about.


Chai :’( there is God


That would mean you actually think Radar has the dumbest people in Nigeria. I’m sure you meant hyperbole, not sarcasm.


You’re actually being ridiculous. You and everyone else nitpicking everything she does. Why does she have to do it your way? Leave her and let her get to her end point however she can. If 1-2 years down the line, Linda Ikeji Media, Linda Ikeji Music and every other venture she’s trying to expand into crashes and burns then we can talk. Not all this silly fit throwing because of landing page. Let the lady breathe ffs. Hian.


I think if I am to summarise, the answer to the original question would be that the expansion is not going well, but Linda should press on because she has some die hard fans who will evangelise her products if she ever gets it right.


My way or the right way? This is mediocrity! You can’t employ people and pay them to setup an online business and they deliver this kind of service - even Linda herself will not like this if she knows about it. So what’s your own? For your information, my point was about the need for Linda to know some tech things to help her make good decisions for success. I’m not here criticizing her business or waiting to see whether it crashes or not but rather backing up some people’s point about the need to know about tech if you’re going into that industry. Please read and think well before you reply people, okay?



Yes Professor.

I suggest you tame your god complex. Until you provide evidence of your infallible genius, your way is simply your way and not necessarily the “right” way.


For a multi-million corporate body to setup an email address and have a landing page that’s advertising $4.99 web hosting is the right way? I don’t need to make any further statement.


You make it sound like because she has a lot of money, she and her team is supposed to be immune from mistakes or oversights… Please check out the link below to see multi-billion dollar businesses that did worse than Linda did… THEY FORGOT TO RENEW THEIR DOMAIN… PS: Microsoft is one of them

The point is, just leave her alone … and lets watch where she goes in five years from now before pointing out her every mistake or oversight.


I hate when people say “Leave her alone” she is a public figure for heaven sake and must be talked about… To leave any celebrity alone and never talked or referred to what ever he or she does, means their careers have ended. Please learn what it means for anyone to be in the spotlight… We must and will continue to talk every step of a celebrity…


I think the great mistake Linda Ikeji makes is assuming she is a celebrity. She is not. She is a celebrity gossiper. That is what makes her money and bought her all those cars and that Banana Island house. If she looked at things that way she would shut down Linda Ikeji Music, Linda Ikeji Social and everything else she has tagged her name onto and stick to Linda Ikeji Blog.

Now where she needs to go in her blogging business is deeper. Right now she does a lot of cut-and-paste. Very little original material. She should take some of those advertizing dollars and build a proper paparazzi team. Send them out to dig the dirt, take pictures, get original news from the source. Copyright the stuff, even license it out. Get a lawyer to represent her 24/7 for the inevitable blowback. She would hit gold. She would go from a blog that probably does 100-200K USD a year to one that does millions (and yes I believe that $3 million dollar house was most likely thanks to PDP/APC awoof election money).


If you say all these now, they’ll say you’re hating.


Not hating, its a special advise to linda ikeji… she can learn from the above… Having a team of reporters etc… ikeji social should be shut down… its of no use at all…


From my calculations counting the ads and having a friend who has ever placed one on her page, Linda’s blog does $300-500k annually


Then she is a millionaire because she does not pay google for hosting and all the bandwidth etc… again she is an opportunist ever