Linda Ikeji expansion so far


I’m not in Nigeria so I don’t know the situation on the ground. For those who are there, are all her new things making an impact on their respective sectors?

Linda Ikeji Music/Radio/TV/Social how are they doing?


Linda has all these? The only thing I know people visit is her blog. Never heard about the rest.


You been under some sort of rock, brother.

Start here:



Not a good sign.


Ah, lol. I don’t know how I missed the ‘social’ part. I’m def. aware of LIS but music, radio and whatnot. I know nothing about those. Well, not until I checked out the link you shared.


Last I heard of LIS was the day it launched. I don’t got beef but I’m not surprised.


Its a failure… she is best at facing her blog… first she knows nothing about programming…I advise people…never invest on any venture that you have no technical idea about


You do know that Steve Jobs didn’t know a line of code?


This is very false.


Jesu!!! brother why na


This is probably the biggest myth about Steve Jobs. No sir, @mrcharles, Steve Jobs knew tons of lines of codes. How often he was involved in coding is another issue. But please stop peddling this false narrative.


@cmrcharles , probably responding unbehalf of a failed LIS
Steve Job was a Genius, do not compare… Linda was pushed in thinking with her blog followers she would hit millions soon after launch, little did they know that it was going to be the opposite. It was copy of facebook which actually died on arrival.


Steve didn’t ever code. He wasn’t an engineer and he didn’t do any original design, but he was technical enough to alter and change and add to other designs. I did all of the Apple I and Apple ][ myself, including the feature choices. I did all of the BASIC myself (it’s in handwriting as I couldn’t afford an assembler). The only person who helped write some of the Apple ][ code was Allen Baum, who helped with the ‘monitor’ program.


OK, enough of the Steve Jobs malarky, back on topic. Seems like all negative responses so far. So would you say that the Linda Ikeji brand is not as strong as once thought? Or is it too early to tell?


You beat me to it. Was going to paste that here.

Whether he knew two lines of code or 1,000 lines of code, the crux of my point is that you CAN pursue a project outside of your own direct competency with much success even though you’re not highly technical yourself. All you need is a clear vision, funding and the ability to put these two to use by leading and inspiring capable technical hands. Same story applies to Jack Ma. Go figure.

Whether or not Linda has achieved the above is a different question.


Personally I think her brand was already in decline even before her new ventures. Her Alexa rank has been in slow but steady decline and you don’t see posts hitting 100+ comments like was the case 3-5 years ago. I reckon that’s why she decided to expand outside LIB.

That said, her brand is still very strong (compared to her competition), which is why advertisers continue to patronise her and (virtually) everyone still goes there at least one a day.


Not sure you can get a job working at Atari with little to no experience by being a “visionary” but hey!


Only her blog is working for her.

Had she tested the Social Network here, she must have gotten a well rounded feedback, but our beloved ‘tech billionaire’ and her team of engineers know better.

The truth is, it is very easy for anyone to feel invincible after making huge amounts of money from a Blogger theme without much investment in people, technology and or outright loss.

Her ‘failing’ social network is a lesson to any entrepreneur not to overstretch your luck especially when luck was seriously key in your success story.

This was my take on her social network


P. S. I think our bloggers and critics should also be free to express their views. Many of them actually praised Linda for launching an idea they knew should never have been launched.

We can support people more when we say it the way it is. One popular blog even referred to her launch of the blog as a ‘media empire’


Speak for yourself ooo. So people don’t go to her blog in years.