Linda Ikeji expansion so far


It’s a blog. A blogger theme solved all her needs. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Overstretch your luck? Luck in a success story? Highly laughable. When you work hard and achieve your goals, it’s not luck anymore.


On luck, I think Linda was kind of lucky. All credit to her for sticking it out from 2006-2011 without getting paid a dime. That was some world class persistence, which is the most important ingredient in business. But truth be told, she’s neither a technology, nor a media enthusiast. Also, looking at her blog now, she appears to have made no attempt to master either skillset. It’s first mover advantage and her compelling blogging story that has held her up thus far. The expansion is making it clear to me that she’s not some media/tech guru. More like a hustler who struck gold once.


Who guru epp?


Perez Hilton has a net worth of $30m from doing the same thing Linda does but in the US. How is it luck? People like gossip. There’s a market out there for selling gossip and she’s selling it to the huge market and making money. What is lucky about that? As you pointed out, it’s not like she didn’t do it for half a decade without getting paid a single penny.

She doesn’t have to change anything as long as she’s still getting her insane number of views. Her blog as it’s currently set up also allows her to accommodate a lot of different ads at the same time. There’s absolutely no need for her to turn into a tech guru. Will it double the number of viewers she gets? No? Cool.

And isn’t the point of hustling to eventually strike gold? Besides, she expanded in many different ways. The music blog probably won’t work because there’s Notjustok and the likes and I think those guys have already established themselves as the go-to source for Nigerian music in the internet era. But she also set up a recording studio. That’s serious cash. People will pay for recording sessions there. Not to mention she has set up her own Pulse/Battabox type YouTube channel where she’s sure to get some exclusive interviews Pulse & Battabox may not be able to get. This is probably going to eventually segway into an actual TV show. I have no doubt she’s targeting a Wendy Williams type career at some point.

No need to type too much. Fact is, she expanded in a lot of different ways, which was smart. There was always the high likelihood of at least one of them ending up not doing so well. It’s normal.


While this is true. There’s an element of luck attached to success for everyone.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet might not have realised it when starting up and establishing their empires, but looking back they’ll most likely agree that they were lucky.

Being lucky doesn’t mean you’re not hard working or you don’t know what you’re doing. A lot of us pray to be favoured/lucky even as we’re hustling.
Simply put, she wasn’t the only one copying and pasting content. She wasn’t also the only one to start early. Yes she tapped into what people like (gossip) but she wasn’t the only one to do this.
Point is: she hammered, others didn’t.

There’s an element of luck in it.

Other than that, solid points raised.


You nailed it!


Chief Visionary Officer.


I suppose it makes sense to explain Linda away with luck. The alternative must be painful af


I have successfully set up an online market place in the UK and I know nothing about coding or website design. I contracted the whole venture to a third party.


No one is saying you should not launch a drag and drop or copy paste online market space without a techie idea… You can invest in transportation even though you are not a professional driver yourself but got the funding and idea.
In case Linda, The social network thing for her is a failed one, thanks to the Blog that is still working… The social itself is just competing with the blog verse versa…


You dont need to be an experience programmer to have a related startup, to rephrase your response, Linda would have looked for a startup in that space with good technical know how and viable and invest instead of building her’s from scratch. Who ever is building LIS technically is not even interested in the idea just after making their bar and do what ever she say.


You nailed it.


You make it sound like Radar is the only place to get a well rounded feedback.

Can you be 100% accurate that she didnt try to get one from some other source?

Yes LIS is failing or should I say have failed, but that doesnt mean she didnt try her best to get the best feedback she could get.

One thing about us techies, is that we sometimes assume that the best feedback must come from within us… but this is not necessarily true.

If you watch the Silicon Valley the HBO series, specifiically season 3, I think this is what they tred to address there. A platform was built and test by “techies” and considered to be awesome…however in the real world, the “non techies” considered it…not so good…

So infact, what Linda may have needed is not just us, mostly a bunch of techies… but maybe a focused group of people that cuts across her target audience… and honestly, when it comes to gossip, I do not think we at radar fit into that bill… but who knows… maybe am wrong


I think its unfair to explain her away with just luck… lets wait and see what her other ventures turn up to be.

You need to realize that social media is a tricky one… even google with all their resources+gurus could not make google+ work…

The only company in my opinion that made it work was facebook… every other company just took a feature of facebook and concentrated on it… Twitter took status updates, Instagram took photo sharing, LinkedIn took professional qualifications…whatsapp took instant messaging… I think this is why facebook has tried to buy most of these companies to retain control over all its original features.

At the end of the day, my opinion is people should look at facebook, find one feature and magnify the attention on that feature which will then catch the attention of the few who wants just that feature…The fact that Linda didnt do this does not mean that everything else she did that worked was just because she was lucky.


Yeah no. To what end? Why should she invest in it? Will it increase her readers? Or do you just want her to please you personally?


Whenever someone wants to make a point and then goes ahead to reference an American Series or movie, I cringe.


It seems a lot of people here are caught up with titles and appearances rather than getting stuff done. Why not focus on doing you and leave this “Linda just got lucky” story, or I understand tech so I’m super smart and others aren’t, Linda is just a hack etc. Do you and succeed, before beefing other people in the name of critical analysis.


What are you saying? this portal is to analysis, check n balance information, advice and sometimes gossip. You are free to comment, advise or critize any idea… That does not mean you dont have your personal work or idea… We are all here to share ideas and learn too…ok? I repeat, LIS is a failed effort., no doubt about that…


It is fallacious to say everyone on this platform are bunch of techies. Am not even a techy person. I am a business analyst with interest in tech investments. Many other people here do not even see themselves as just bunch of techies. I can tell you for free that Radar has the most intelligent people in Nigeria. Take it or leave it


First I will say that it is fallacious to say I said everyone on Radar is a techie.

This is an excerpt from the last paragraph of what I wrote. The keyword here is MOSTLY… I am sure you know that mostly is different from ALL or EVERY.

Lastly, Radar has a lot of intelligent people and there is no doubt about that. However to say it contains the Most intelligent people in Naija without any hard data to backup that claim is just sheer arrogance… but if you have data to backup that claim, pls share with us…