I found a new Co-Working Space in Lagos, you should check it out!


Hello Guys,

We’ve got a new baby in the tech entrepreneurship space in Lagos. It’s a new co-working space I found about in Lagos, precisely on the Mainland in Ogba. It’s called ‘eeSpace’

Just about 5 minutes’ drive from city capital, Ikeja, it’s really worth every dime of it.

It has great features and facilities and it’s about the cheapest in the country. Just 15k per month, even with discount offers.

It has all the normal features of your regular co-working spaces plus some extras – a recording studio, mini-library, seminar and conference rooms etc.

So, mainlanders or those of you that want something fresh outside the regulars you’re used to, go check out ‘eeSpace’ http://eespace.com.ng/.


I believe the rates are affordable… I will check them out.


I think you really should.


Thats cool


Very cool.


hmmm… You guys are here again… this is really good work and the space is worth it though… A must try for any freelancer… really watching out out for you peeps big time…#thumbsup


Hello guys,
anyone checked out this http://eespace.com.ng people, please i need a review on them before I travel down that road?


It’s a good co-working space and quite very affordable. Been there myself already.


I was there today. It’s a cool place.


can u give a description of the location? u can use tantalizers ogba as landmark for me . thanks


Hi guys,

Pls can you recommend a place in Abuja?


Unable to access their website but sure would give them a visit on Monday. Between i was at Redahalia a few days back:

They are a Co working space just around Toyin Street. Dopest space i have seen, i worked 7 straight hours without feeling tired, or a single strain. Their chairs were so comfortable, AC, Internet by mainone and all on point. www.redahliaworkspaces.com

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to the guys at Redahalia in anyway.


From Tantalizers,Ogba, take a Keke going to Ikeja or Pen Cinema. Drop Opposite Mobil filling station at the Junction to Pen Cinema.

Ask of Cardinal Building, the space is on the second floor.


thanks a lot


Thanks for the direction @ojochidem, I’m now signed up on their monthly membership plan of 15k, covers everything for me. Great place to start out close to my house finally. No more waiting out traffic to Yaba and Lekki…


thanks to @degraitdon, I followed your thread and checked them out last week. Cool place! not baaad for a place like Ogba. I used to travel from Berger to work from Capital Square on the Island. I’ve decided to settle with them (http://eespace.com.ng) for now, at least enjoy a month plan to recover from the Island traffic. thnks mhan


Trust me, that’s a really smart decision.


You’re most welcome… What’s this life when we cannot share knowledge and discoveries?


I love what I see…Check it out


Everyone is charging their phone with their laptop. :blush: