I found a new Co-Working Space in Lagos, you should check it out!


Amazing observation @timotew , never noticed that myself… na so Nigeria turn us to oo. Where PHCN is the UPS while Generator is the main power supply, I usually charge up my phones before leaving to my house everyday.


PHCN, do they exist anymore. :blush:


Please what are the rates? No prices on their website


the info is in the post here


Thanks @lifted. Seen


Cool place… was way more than my expectation… Visited there today


I went there a few days ago and I was in awe! The space has totally changed from the last time I was there. I love them. They just keep improving!


Please you guys should check their website again for pricing. Price starts from N25,000 and not N15,000 as earlier mention. Probably they’ve reviewed their prices upward.