How I Made 315k Open Commission On Jumia Black Friday Sales Rush


While others were looking for cheapest deals to grab on Jumia store, I sat down and thought of the best strategies to explore for maximum commission as an affiliate.

Here are the steps I took:

Researched all Black Friday related keywords for Jumia Nigeria and Kenya
Wrote an SEO optimized and ever green post on Jumia Black Friday

See the result:


Wait, you made 315k by driving traffic to Jumia’s site?

A Question for all APP Developers & Tech Start Up Founders?

Not traffic, Sales!!!


Nice one. Not bad. Wondering how Konga affiliates are faring.

@Lamidi_b_a affiliate sales!

Sending spenders to Jumia, and taking % commissions off each sale that terminates.


I get it. You have to first drive traffic there before it becomes sales. I’m just wondering how many people most have visited the site


I wonder how much Koumia made.


hmmm…This eCommerce guys are making good money everyday


Lol. 315k is small. I know a guy that made 900k from just Black Friday.

I couldn’t do much this year (because of school) but next year will be HOT!!

Targeting 5million each on Konga and Jumia. I’ve just discovered a good strategy. Gonna start working on it soon.


Nice, I need to learn from you lol


I’m happy for you bro.

Glad I pointed you towards the right direction :wink:

Let’s do more!


@AdesojiAdegbulu, Yeah! U did. I remember the day I registered the domain but was clueless and now your advice is timeless. Thanks


Yikes! :grin:


Impressive, I just hope the commissions are Approved, i mean, that’s the most important part where you surely say “this is how much I earned” :wink:


Yea, my approval rate has been around 70 - 80% (5 months trend)


Why will a commission be rejected?


When orders are cancelled @Jarus


Face your book :stuck_out_tongue:


:grinning: You stung me here friend. I am already in tears because you just betrayed my ‘nyash’.

Anyways, we have been working on the re-branding couple of months now so, we made 0 Naira during the Black Friday sales. Our target is not just Black Friday, our target is everyday shopping (no rushing and, taking it jeje).

Koumia or our new name to be revealed isn’t just out because we want to make money, we want Nigerians to see shopping as fun-saving rather than fun-spending.

If you check our current page, you’ll understand what I mean. Catch you soon friend.

I missed Radar. I have been out couple of months now… And could possible get missing after this reply :smile:


I missed o, being a noob can be really annoying, you have just too many things to learn. I was busy writing an ordinary post about jumia and Konga when I should have thought of how to make the money from black Friday…

Second, I need help with affiliate, I haven’t figured out how to work the thing o.

Anybody please email me credgmatt@gmail or via HTTP://


Fill me in bro