How Do I Change My Life With 1000 dollars


I’ve a meetup with @SkweiRd sometime today in VI.


Sweet. :slight_smile:


Invest in good writing softwares and consider adding “Freelance Content Writing” to your portfolio.


Hey @ngc how did this pan out? If you’re still in the market for a writing gig, this looks like something that might be right up your alley.


You write very well.

I can spare 10k/per month if you will manage my blog and social media. this can escalate to something higher…

And…you dont need to resign from your job, or spend a dime from that 1000 dollars.


Yes you love tech! But when you don’t know what to do with the 1k that is tech related, look elsewhere.

You might consider farming, make your income stable 1st. Then you can use your spare time and cash to “learn and learn and learn” your desired tech skill.

Farming is not a get-rich-quick stuff, you may not turn out to be the next millionaire overnight, but with 300k investment you can raise the bar to at least 60k per month.

Am not telling you something abstract, am telling you something I did and it worked. I did not have up to 300k, I could only put in 80k and the outcome was encouraging even as my 1st try.

Cucumber farming is simply what am telling you about, its a vegetable that is highly demanded for and if well done is highly profitable.

This is not an agric thread, so I wont start saying everything here… just giving u an idea that might help.


@ngc Best thing I’ll advice, from my experience, is to go into agriculture for now. Please be aware you do not have to buy the farm lands (a lot of people make this mistake). There are areas outside Lagos where you can get farm land for leases (from about 5,000 to 20,000 Naira per year per acre). Lagos agricultural farm lands for leases are more expensive that that, but you can go for a Lagos leased farm land if the price makes sense.

There are farming consultants out there that will charge commissions based on profit, but I’ll strongly suggest you to do your research first. There are several resources out there to learn about agriculture.

If I were you, I will start with one or two of these first:

  • Snail farming- You don’t even need a farm for this. Can do it in your backyard and not too capital intensive. Very profitable
  • Plantain farming - Harvest time is longer, but return is worth it
  • Watermelon - Shorter harvest time
  • Tomatoes - Very tricky, but demand is high for affordable tomatoes

All the best.


Wow. I’m really happy that things are looking good for @ngc, kudos for speaking out. (y)


So how did this turn out?
Hope you got the job?
And has your friend eventually sent you the $1000?


I don’t intend being too religious but this thread reminded me about - Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find”
Good things are happening on Radar, more will happen :grinning:


You write well. Consider freelance writing. I was so inspired by Bamidele Onibalusi of
Goodluck and God’s blessings.


@ngc i am very moved by your post, i think you have true potential. If you ever wanna go down the entrepreneurship route I would be open to mentor you.


I need mentoring too


@ngc, I dont believe you’re not a graduate. Tell me another thing and I’ll believe but not that because a lot of naija grads can’t write and comprehend the way you do. But how’s it going? Any lick with all the tips you received?


@ngc should be balling atm. Offers been fly around gaan for this thread


@ngc Somehow I feel you are just ‘checking’ like the americans say. Whatever it is, keep the 1000USD, you are not ready to spend it :slight_smile:

I want to know how Tech Cabal offer went. I have an open position for a business development assistant, your writing and ability to take initiative (by making this post) qualify you already. I just need to meet you in person. If you are still searching, leave your email address here. Thanks.


Yeah man
Your use of English is damn fluent,I think you’re OK like this😁…lol
350k on the other hand is enough for you to start working on something if you had a great idea on what to work on and how to go about it but then you could also go back to square one.

If you had ambitious friends already implementing ideas,you could invest a bit in them or run d popular yahoo!!!


How to run yahoo!
Do you have an ebook on that?


Who uses ebooks for yahoo,you learn from already working guys na
Hustlers are everywhere


You could have invested in Bitcoin. It was $450 — $750 around May 2016 and it spiked to $19,000 per bitcoin last week.