How Do I Change My Life With 1000 dollars


Considering the hostile business environment in Nigeria. I will strongly advise you start a business
that offer solutions as a service, avoid buying and selling business. A business that you can start by training yourself first to increase capacity. When you loose the remaining money you cannot possibly loose the capacity you have built.
Depending on your love and passion, but I can tell you must be IT inclined to put up this post.
You can get a good factory refurbished laptop,for 50k to start with.
Get a smartphone if you don’t have one, can be as low as 25k. To get access to internet.
Join meetups and other tech communities. They meet weekly from their you will understand this tech industries.
You can now search for a good coding bootcamp in town. You can still learn between 100k-150k; Some comes with intership opportunity. Life may not change overtime, but you will never be who you used to be and your destiny now lies on your own determination.
If you need getting all I listed above and the prices reply to this message


LOL… you can be Mike Ross


Its been almost 2 years. How are you doing? How did things turn out?

Pls let us know.