How Do I Change My Life With 1000 dollars


Cause i have work to do.

Am not jobless sir


$1000 is about N300,000, I think.

Please do not do anything tech with that money, start a lower-risk ‘simpler’ business. You work in an estate on the island, well what do people in the estate typically leave the estate to get? It can be anything from Ziploc bags to FanMilk products, buy in bulk from a store and sell in that estate. Give the residents your phone number so they can call you up when they need supply. Maybe buy a bike (add a delivery compartment) and start an errand service.

Good luck.


This is sad. Very sad.


It’s always good to read other’s comments before tap-dancing on the keyboard over a nice topic. You’ve stated it exactly how I had wanted to.

To add to that: @ngc, you’re already in a market waiting to be explored. They already trust you (apparently) to watch over them. With this app (especially the one-push panic button), they will be helping you (and the company you represent) secure them better. You’ll be converting the job that sucks to the one that you’ll suck (like milk; milk = income).

However, as a matter of advise, you should talk to some residents (and other strangers) about this app idea and see if it’s something they need. That should be your green light.

Best regards, and good luck!


hahaha! egbon, please don’t kee me (with laugh)


Sigh. You write really really well. Better than most graduates. That will get you far if used well. Couple that with people skills and street smarts, you’ll be fine. Do you have dependants? If no, you’re still so very young and laden with lofty ambitions. You can afford to gamble with the $1k in a myriad of ways. Experiment on any idea, “start a startup”. You might hit jackpot(highly unlikely) or end up back here which is where most people your age(with whatever level of education) are.

If you have dependants however, you cannot afford to gamble. Don’t look too far.You work at an estate, that’s your market. Find out what they need that you can provide faster, cheaper and in a smarter way. I started my baby store with $100. I was in a Facebook group of mums and there was a particular item they wanted that was really expensive. I knew where to get it cheaper by 10 times. (In a flea market downtown) I posted on the group just to test and I had 5 orders by the end of the day. At the end of my work shift I went to the market, bought the items… Washed, ironed and delivered during my lunch break. (Was employed then). I did this for a month and that $100 was $400 at the end of just that first month. That was back in 2012. I opened an actual physical store in 6 months which collapsed after 2 years (buyer beware, entrepreneurship is a bitch) …regrouped went online (“startup”) in 2014 and are slowly but surely growing. A staff of 5 and some serious revenue, that jeep doesn’t look too far off now.

The moral of that little story; $1000 can be more than enough to “change” your life. Start small, but think really really big.


Maybe I am being overly pessimistic.

If I had 1000 dollars in Nigeria I would invest it in food. The kind of food that is cheap that people queue up for. I always thought Nigeria needs good peanut butter cookies. It’s addictive and we have the raw materials.


I really appreciate the reachouts and insights so far. Very valuable.
I feel some of the comments were shrouded in a mix of pity.
I’m tempted to ask; Are the commendations about my writing, prompted in anyway by pity? Or the odds against a secondary school leaver writing well?
Say, I was a graduate, Or at the helm of a funded startup, would the commendations still hold?


Should that come as a surprise? Hope you took no offence.

If so, then this is the realest drop on the thread, grim but real;[quote=“Nwabu, post:7, topic:5558, full:true”]
At 25 years old with 1,000 USD and a secondary school certificate I would find my way to Libya and cross over to Italy or Spain and start from there. Or I would head to Qatar or Saudi and work in construction.

The recommendation may still hold if you were a graduate looking for ‘any’ job.

At the helm of a funded startup? Don’t even know what you want out of that question.

Good luck, buddy!


Far far from it.


Like my former MD always said, remove the ‘non’, and take the ‘sense’. Either way, it’s all; [quote=“ngc, post:49, topic:5558”]
Very valuable

Pity? C’mon. You write pretty well. Simple.
I have met lots of working employees who didn’t attend University but have spent the past four years making money and honing their workplace skills while amassing little to no debt. Not going to University certainly doesn’t jive with what our parents and teachers drummed into us growing up. But it begs the question: does it really pay to go to University? Is it worth earning a minimum of a four-year University degree, at least financially speaking? (That’s another story all together as there’s no simple answer).

The fact is for a long time now I no longer see any relationship between attending a University and being well thought or educated. I have a family friend who has a Masters in Computer Science but got married to a guy that’s got just SSCE. No pressure or whatsoever. He writes and speaks fluently.

Just as @87_chuks mentioned, it very well may still hold. In fact you could still grasp some vital info from a certain thread here on Radar with similar theme. SEE HERE

Hence, your question is a valid one and even graduates yearn to get insight on how they can utilize such opportunities.

PS. The days of trading in our degree certificate for a nice safe job offer are fading out, and who knows if they will ever return. It is simply not enough to graduate anymore, the world demands more from us – you are the future, the next generation of entrepreneurs, design-thinkers, hyper-specialists and cultural agitators. We all have a role, a responsibility…it is no longer about the world of the design…. it is about the design of our world!

Go forth and make your dreams come true @ngc


Forget the peanut butter cookies, what about plain peanut butter? I haven’t seen any Nigerian company making that. I either buy Skippy or make my own at home. Prefer mine tho. No extra sugar or oil.


Even if people pitied you, you shouldn’t get offended and not take the ideas they have postulated seriously.
You write really well. In this day and age where the skills are valued more, you will succeed. You just need to find your angle and go from there. Goodluck


Say, I was a graduate, Or at the helm of a funded startup, would the commendations still hold?

I would say if you were a graduate, you would probably not be commended for this even though it’s a skill most graduates are lacking. The fact that you are a secondary school leaver made it very impressive but I don’t think the commendations were prompted by pity.

My advice for you is to keep your chin up and keep the $1000 for now until you get enough knowledge to help you decide what to do. How do you get the knowledge? Read lots of books (offline and online). If you are interested in startups then my advice is for you to learn a little bit about tech, try to go to CCHub where you will get to rub mind with lots of brilliant minds, an internship position at any startup will do you a lot of good. @mark @iaboyeji @lordbanks and some other radar users can help you with securing an internship somewhere.

Best of luck


DO NOT under any circumstances go to any Arab country to find work.

Black people are enslaved there in the name of work. Your passport will be seized by your employer and you will become a slave and never be able to leave.

I think some of the best suggestions here are :

Fill out Bankole’s questionnaire.

As a former editor of TechCabal, I can say in my opinion you write well enough to stand a good chance and with some guidance you could write great content.

Also, start the Lekki Gateman blog writing your observations from people watching. Obviously nobody here wants you to continue being a gateman but you’ve done it long enough to have enough material in your head already for a blog.

I don’t think a university degree is that necessary for you to have a great career. After all millions of Nigerians have degrees and most of them are shit anyway, so personally what matters is your intelligence, your ability to think critically, and think creatively.

@lordbanks @xolubi and @Nosaaaa whoever else, can we do some reaching out and line up some fact finding interviews for this guy? Let’s feel around, see who’s looking for help, and see if there’s anything he’s a good fit for?


By the time I was in JS3, I could write as well as most college professors.

A thorough secondary school education should result in you being able to write well.

It irritates me no end that Nigerian university graduates mostly cannot write to save their lives.


@ngc already made it clear that the proposed fund is simply for the following.

I don’t see how travelling out with $1000 will add value to his personal or financial success.

I also have my reservation regarding working in an Arab Country. A late friend of mine, Kevwe, worked in Dubai for close to two years and conveniently relocated back to Lagos without any issue of Passport locked in the hands of his employer.

NB: The only scenario where an employees passport is seized is if an employer have thousands of workers who don’t seem to have much of a choice and consequently can be thoroughly exploited.

Middle Class or Eductated people are treated better in Arab Countries, the same way white people are treated better in Arab Countries (and the same way brown-skinned labourers are treated awfully in Arab Countries). Depends on what level you find yourself.

In essence. There’s no need for the emphasis, unless you imply it’ll be in his best interest to travel abroad to let’s say Malaysia or Canada, but that he should never venture an Arab Country.


I’m liking this idea. Considering the fact that I’ve seen / heard things in my primary location. There are actually more cars than people in my estate.

Ahh, Biko, It hasn’t gotten to that level oo… I never intended this to become “Olajumoke-lized”


Identify an arbitrage opportunity related to a life necessity. Whats your watermelon equivalent?


Taking it personal? :smiley:

@ngc If you don’t mind my asking, what’s the status of your TC application?