GTB's Naira MasterCard no longer working with Paypal


In yet another disappointing development, it would seem GTB has disabled their Naira Mastercards from working with Paypal…
My old card expired a month or so ago, Last night I tried adding my new card and kept getting the message that the card could not be added and to use another card.
I hoped it was isolated and I’ll find a solution. I headed to Nairaland and saw this

So yaa… Sucks major butt !


Crippling stuff walahi.
I had to get a dollar card. But mind you, Gtb will charge you around $28 for the card while nearby Stanbic will charge around $4.

Choose wisely


…and GTB’s will work on Apple Music but Stanbic’s will not. I have a Stanbic one but just gave in to debilitating Apple Music withdrawal symptoms and applied for a GT dollar account on Thursday.


I will like to try the stanbic card. Hope a dom account isn’t required?
And how do I apply for 1


It is. You are required to make a deposit of $100 cash


This country is finished mahn. We all need to gather round and mob Emefiele, he’s the reason things like this are happening. Word on the streets is that this action was taken due to ‘G Boys’ doing all sorts with paypal, but this is madness, thousands of dollars get stolen abroad daily from credit card fraud but that doesn’t warrant their banks blocking their access to international transactions.

Its a terrible situation we have found ourselves in honestly, and I think Mastercard and Visa need to withdraw Nigerian banks of their license to have payments through them, so we know its only Verve we can use in this living hell of a country. And God forbid I have to buy dollars from Aboki at the surreal rate of 520, God forbid.

Sometimes I think we should just auction Nigeria for sale on Ebay or something, this is madness.

A little bit of hope though, GTB Naira mastercard actually still works in other places, that is asides Paypal, and any merchant using DCC. I bought an amazon gift card of $10, 2 hours ago and it was successful. But a lot of merchants trust paypal with their payments so its going to be really hard making payments with Paypal now.


Access Bank’s Naira Visa Card* still works. Other than that, your only option is a USD Denominated Card.

$200 Monthly Spend Limit Applies*


Bro, na $100 a month for Access Bank. No go think am. :joy: . They reviewed it late last month.


On the nairaland thread someone said he just tried his always functional Access Card and it isn’t working as well.
I can’t confirm though


Guess it’s time to open a UBA Account :grin:


Access Bank hasn’t blocked their VISA cards on Paypal, at least from their recent tweets to customers.


Stanbic? Dem dey near my office fa! Imma go open account with them.


As of this morning Feb 21, 2018.

GTBank Naira Mastercard declined on PAYPAL but still works for other purchases (I bought a domain with Namecheap & paid for hosting with Godaddy).

I believe PAYPAL amongst other things still gave room for peer to peer payment which encourages roundtripping of USD. If you try your GTBank card on a foreign bookmaker website, it’ll also decline saying “this card is banned from use on betting sites”.


I’m dying here for all this banking shits!

What’s the way forward. We can’t even do anything online again



Please how long did it take you to receive your digital amazon gift card when you paid with your GTB naira master card ? I successfully created an order some hours ago but have not gotten the gift card till now. I just noticed no money has been removed from my account too. Please could you share you experience ?


If amazon was able to bill the card, then you should have your giftcard balance funded in not more than 5 minutes.

But depending on the amount you’re trying to fund and the risk attached to it. It could take up to 20 minutes for amazon to authorize the payment. For example a giftcard balance reload of $70.

Do note, amazon charges $1 for authorizing new cards. So if you were trying to place an order of $100 with GTB’s limit of $100 a month, the transaction would fail. Cause that will be $101 billed.

In the event of a successful transaction amazon would send you another email.


I think that is where the problem is because I made an order of $100 and picked naira as my currency , the weird thing is that they didn’t send an email informing me of a declined transaction , the status of the order is “scheduled”. Guess I will just wait it out till tomorrow before trying again.



Wait. GTBank Naira Mastercard doesn’t work even for facebook ads??


Ohhhh! Nooo! Don’t choose Naira as your payment currency! That’s going to initiate a DCC transaction and GT blocked that on their cards already, on checkout, choose USD so you’re billed in Dollars. The $1 that was billed on your card was successful, cause they don’t use DCC for that, so that means you have $99 left for the month.

Eventually, amazon will send you an email that they couldn’t bill your card for that order, you can then place your order again in the right currency.


Ohh thanks!.I had a feeling something was wrong. I just tried 98$ in usd and got the gift card in about 5 minutes.