GTBank App Icon Redesign


A lot of Nigerian businesses don’t take iconography seriously and as a design-head, it hurts me when I download an app and see its icon basically a copy-paste of the logo; A Logo != An App Icon.

I got bored weeks back and decided to create this one, glad Radar now has a category for design. :grinning: I’ll really appreciate feedback’s. :blush:

Created in Adobe Illustrator. :v:


Very impressive.
But not that I don’t think it’s a cool idea, I just don’t see anything wrong or awkward with app icons being the same as that of the logo (especially when the logo itself is nice).
Moreover, it is usually easier to identify apps by their logos on one’s phone.
What is more important to me is that the app does what it’s meant to do.
Just a thought.


You’re right, they are closely related, but from a design perspective, an app icon is an illustration of a brand for that specific platform, with the logo usually being a foundation. Hence why there are Icon Design guidelines for every platform. An app icon designed for iOS will most likely not look as nice on Android, and vice-versa.

All these aren’t mandatory though, its up to the brand.


I love this app icon. I agree that an app icon shouldn’t necessarily be the same as the brand icon. A derivative could be used to add innovation to the app. Please @feyisayo, next time you are bored, kindly consider redesigning Furnish.NG’s logo. I will deeply appreciate it. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And of course you can consider giving him one sofa you are not using :wink:


Thanks for the nice comment. :grinning: . Now that you’ve asked, I’ll give it a try. :smile:


Inasmuch as I agree with @feyisayo, the brand marketer in me will advise GTB to keep the main logo as their app icon. Simply because that’s what their customers already know and trust. A new brand may get away with it, but you don’t want customers taking an extra second or 2 to find/ discover you on their screen. It’s hard enough getting Nigerians to use apps well, now you want to be changing logo? No ooo.

At least not yet. Maybe when most users get more sophisticated. I don’t think we are ready.


ofcourse if he redesigns it… it is not going to be free for use.

As per GTBank Icon, I think it is essential for them to keep a unified logo, this new logo is cool, albeit a distortion of the original.

I see nothing wrong in the way GT is at the momment. But there website needs a complete overhaul, including online banking UI.


I totally agree. For an ICT and design conscious company as GTB, I expect to see more from them as regards their website and online banking platform.
Their mobile app is wonderful though.


From a branding perspective - What everyone’s already said. It’ll be up to the brand at the end of the day.
From a creative angle - Awesome take. Although the white box needs to be more in perspective with the flipping card for harmony’s sake. It just looks slapped on.


hmm, thanks for the feedback. I’ll give it a try.


Thank you @feyisayo. :dancer: :dancer:


Baba u dey find oshofree…:slight_smile:


Very Intuitive design… A business logo sells the business. @feyisayo would you mind creating a logo for my startup?
Awaiting any response


You can send me a pm and we see how it goes. :smile:


Great! Pardon my slow learning curve… How are pm sent here on radar?


Me likee :heart_eyes:… The detail on the icon is great. In my opinion, I do not totally disagree with the use of logo as icon, however, careful thought must be given to the design so it balances up on different platforms. Great job by the way.


Here you go[quote=“Ndianabasi, post:4, topic:6055, full:true”]
Kindly consider redesigning Furnish.NG’s logo. I will deeply appreciate it. Thank you.


You might not appreciate this deeply, but…


Like seriously? You can’t be kidding me. Tell me you are joking! :joy: :joy:

Thank you for this offer @Engrtitus. I deeply appreciate it but I’ll pass this one.