Figma for the weekend, UI Design


So i discovered Figma this week, and i decided to play with it

This is the second thing i am making with it, its a media center for Iroko Tv, the whole thing was created from scratch it took two six hour design sprints to finish , i primarily design on windows os so i think Figma is really good besides a few glitches.

Wanted to add more screens but thee is beer to be drank. please let me know what you guys think

sorry for all the typos and no punctuation


Imagine this optimized for AppleTV


Baba be like say we go hire u do UI for us o, Amazing Job Woah!!!


Mehn This is Awesome…


This UI looks great.:grinning: Ill try the software. Just hearing it for the first time.


Wow the guys at iroko should really see this. :100:


Just discovered Figma myself. But this is not about the tool, you grasp of UI design is very good indeed. Very well done sir.


@SignorChuksy, the design looks good and very clean.
Two suggestions:

  1. Why is the Google voice icon skeuomorphic? It can be flat and keep its shadow
  2. The yellow outline used to indicate on-focus can instead be a white box-shadow with a wide blur (like a glow effect). Or a white outline instead. The yellow outline won’t be visible at the right part of the screen.


Like he said, we shud mind the errors, this is only a mockup.


He wanted our opinion on the design. I gave mine.
He apologized for “all the typos and no punctuation”. I didn’t mention any of that in my review. Just design stuff.
I pointed out actual design issues: yellow outline on yellow background won’t work.


Wow! Great job! I had no idea Figma was this capable.
Heck this has advertised the product better than the company itself.
I’m gonna start messing with it now.


Bro. You are very gifted. Have you tot of designing stock files for the mass media? It’s very lucrative and with your skills, it won’t be too hard to get buys. I am talking about something like this. The guy designed some colorful presentation packages and he has made over 150k$ (Not Naira o) selling his presentation files for 15$ per download. He put it in market just a year ago. Just a tot.


@SignorChuksy the design is great. One thing though, I can’t seem to find any navigation… Like the screens just exist in space. I guess this is something that you are still working on.

Good job!


Design in all is very good. but like @ug_o pointed out yellow outline on yellow background?
In all works is awesome, Thumbs up!


This i s nice! Very colorful, i love the color combinations.



This is very nice.


This is dope.


Bros your hand strong for U.I. Are you on Behance or something?


thanks :smile:


Nice portfolio. I thought I was the last person on earth that still used Fireworks