Figma for the weekend, UI Design


I use it sparingly these days, i use figma primarily these days its far better.
Thinking on doing a week long training session for people who would like to learn.


For figma? yes. I would attend your training. However, I suggest creating a course on I won’t mind paying for that. There is currently no course on that at udemy but there is at lynda


Oh that’s cool, but as much as i would like to charge for it id like to keep it free so everybody can learn.
i will try to create time to plan the course. gracias!


Waiting on you chief!


@SignorChuksy, Great design. What is your workflow like? Did you use any Adobe Suite software before finalizing the design in Figma? I look forward to your reply.


I pretty much start out with a rough sketch, then i create an 8 point design system/guide (Typography, colour, and UI elements, see an example below )depending on if its going for production, or its a practice run for me, then most of the grunt work is done in the Figma app ( including the prototyping and developer hand-off

I use illustrator theses days for mostly non UI/UX design work, as it is best suited for such. i never created UI in Photoshop it was too weird and bloated, I pretty much migrated from Fireworks to Figma, Adobe XD is still creepy to me i’d choose sketch over it anyday.

I might do a proper write-up on the process and link it back here. anyways hope my semi drivel answers your question. if you need any thing else let me know


@SignorChuksy, thanks for the detailed answer.


I am interested in the training… Please how do I hook up