Hey guys!

We have a bot and I’d appreciate a tech eye looking at it. Let me know if you spot any bugs or have any feature suggestions


Looks really good. I like it.

  1. Reviews
  2. Orders and delivery.

Hope that’s not too much. I’ll like this as an app.


It switches from standard English to Pidgin English quite fast and condescendingly.

I know that’s not really a bug but it really bugs me…

That said, it’s a cool-looking app.


I’d wager that that is actually very similar to how Nigerians talk.


This is what I have so far

Second trial

Cannot shake this feeling that your bot hates me


Data is based on our blog so if we haven’t been to places that fit the criteria, there will be no results

There should e something for surulere though,

  1. If you click on a restaurant, it takes you to Eat Drink Lagos’ review of that restaurant.

  2. Delivery from 150+ restaurants seems like a logistical nightmare.


There is no restaurant in Surulere that’s that expensive. The algorithm doesn’t show you restaurants that you can eat at for 5k when you said 20k. It’s a range thing.


Condescendingly? Pray, do explain.


Congrats @Nosaaaa (and @timigod). As they say in Scandinavia, “na from clap dance dey start”. I like the bot a lot and hope that you can now proceed to make it do auto-replies to all the “I have 5k and want to feed my entire extended family to a rare steak in Victoria Island, can you help?” requests you get on Twitter.

Happy New Year BTW!


“Explaining humor is a lot like dissecting a frog, you learn a lot in the process, but in the end you kill it.”

-Mark Twain


say that again!


Its really good but I think the algorithms need to become more flexible. Especially at this point:

How much are you willing to spend on one person?

The amount I am willing to spend is definitely going to be the maximum I think I can spend.
If I write in 50k, I would naturally expect it to show restaurants 50k and below
I think the algorithms should be more flexible. If I write in 50k and there are no 50k restaurants, I think other results lower than 50k should be displayed too.

My 2 cents.


actually, this is an idea. thanks.



The Qz vibe. Love love love it.


Totally, totally, love it!


You don’t need a bot to answer three questions. A simple GUI would do a better job.


the bot makes it more interactive and friendly


Given our audience, I’d say a bot does a better job.


Stupid question, why isn’t this a Twitter bot? Can it be a Twitter bot? Won’t it be more useful there?