the idea was to make it accessible to everyone, but twitter is something that can be done.


Agreed but you’re looking for distribution no? So a Twitter bot, a Messenger bot and when the API opens, a WhatsApp bot?

@timigod, no be endpoint matter again? Congrats again guys!


Used this twice since you posted the link on Twitter. I love eet.

Also love how it links to your review.

I have a small tech question sha. Did you have to write schema on your site to organise the data?


Manually filled a spreadsheet of data and I wrote an import tool.


I get the use cases for all of this, but it means multiple codebases (or one codebase but essentially a lot of if statements) for not that much gain. I’ll have to maintain much more when everybody else can just open the web app.

It’s worth further thinking about anyway, and thinking is something I’m doing.


I don’t know what you mean by a simple GUI. But a chat GUI is a simple GUI.

If you mean a form, it’s not hard to imagine how adding stuff to the form might chase the user away over time. But with this bot, the conversation can evolve and become more complex and the users will not see it as a chore.


Great tool.

Once I get to my restaurants of choice

It would be nice to have the option of reading the review within the app or choosing to go to the expanded website. Something like techpoint’s solution on facebook messenger

Some other nice to have ideas:

  • A way to make reservations (could do this for a nominal fee to limit no shows)

  • A way to pre-order food. Reduce wait times

  • Integrate payment. @xolubi may know something about this

  • Loyalty program where users earn points for dining credit ala opentable (I often make reservations through opentable just to rack up points for future coupons and discounts)

Sorry if some points are redundant


Nice one, guys. :clap:

Some issues though:
(1). I couldn’t be anonymous while using it.

(2). I got stuck at this point.


I don’t know if it’s my browser(UC Browser), but it’s not scrollable on my phone.

The “enter message” area is not visible and it can’t be scrolled to


tried the native android browser?


you’re not supposed to be. You can just make up a name, if you’re really bothered about sharing your name.

Yeah, this a bug. Working on this. Does it work for a higher price range?


Okay, you should let the users know of this condition. Right now it said it’ll call me nothing.

I also tried to start afresh so I could increase the amount, I couldn’t find a way to do that.

Finally, whenever the bot responds, the view should scroll down to the response automatically, it doesn’t work on chrome (mobile) currently.


Happened to me too. Bot would hang after a while. Plus, some messages I sent just disappeared.


Funny enough, though… I don’t think the bot actually calls you by name after the introduction.


Yeah, it doesn’t. It’s just a little thing to make users feel comfortable.


Try “I’m hungry” to start afresh.


@Nosaaaa the bot can say this in the onboarding/introduction process.


There was a bug with Lekki. Just fixed it right now even.


Will add restarting conversation to roadmap too.


Typing a random string as a name is anonymous as it gets. Even if you type in your real name, were not asking for emails or any other details.

If it was a FB bot or on any other platform, it would be entirely impossible to be anon. So why then is just a name (String, that currently isn’t being saved to the server) here an issue?