Do you have any project that you stopped but had to resurrect ? (Here is mine)


Story, story. Story.

Long time ago, when Radar was still an active buzzing community. There was also a blog, known as SpokenTwice

That blog got so popular.

I was told a particular startup used the articles I published for strategy sessions during meeting with their entire employees.

People now working at Google, Facebook, Jumia Group, HotelsNG, Paystack etc fed from the knowledge I shared.

Then the blog died.

It got “killed” because of CBN. My card was blocked from renewing my hosting with Digital Ocean. Many of us knew the story back then on Radar.

Despite all the love I got - including from good-hearted people on Radar to give me free hosting, the blog could not be brought back to life. Eventually, life got in the way too and someone else bought the domain name.

Fast forward to today.

I am announcing that SpokenTwice is now Hackgrowth.NG

I invite you to check it out…

(Imagine a thunderous clap)


P.S: The latest blog I published is about how to stop chasing strangers for sales, instead use this channel that delivers 3 times more revenue.


Nice one bro. Keep up the good work. Your blog was always full of fresh advice. I hope you were able to archive and restore all your old content.



Thanks @techscorpion. I was able to. Thanks again


Thumbs up! @spokentwice . let’s move to the permanent site. ahead! ahead!..


@ubahbenson I was almost going to say we should Solatrify the blog :slight_smile:

I love your solar energy hustle.


Seriously, During my internet startup journey, You blog was always one of my top sources, it had contents. I never knew something like that could close down for something as basic as hosting. But now that its back, i know it would be better than the previous.

Thumbs up


Nice one. Thank God for the comeback. You have been an amazing contributor to the Growth Hacking space in Nigeria.


Glad to hear it was helpful … and hope it will be in the future.

By the way, what areas do you want me to write about that will be helpful to you ?


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