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Hello y’all.

Merry Happy Christmas come the 25th. A bit too early for new year felicitations but still, Happy 2019, the century’s last year as a teenage (*too much chess?).

Okay, so we decided to take a deep stab at Marketing Automation for our next venture. A serious leap sideways from our last.

What kind of businesses need marketing automation and for what kind of marketing activity? (Not restricted to the scenarios below)

  1. So you run a general ecommerce store and you want to know visitors OR contacts (those you sent emails/sms to visit your store) who come to your e-store searching for “baby” related items - baby wipes, baby shoes…etc - so you can target them with, say, very specific discount promos (obviously baby related) via dialogues or customized messaging if they’re in a campaign loop.

The match can be a broad or a concrete search term like "Cusson baby lotion" depends on your preference, and when a visitor’s search matches, the corresponding dialogue triggered can be anything you customize it to be.

  • Below we set up the Tracker Goal and customized message plus condition that triggers it.

  • You can see it run on an estore below after i searched for baby

You can even run a survey in the dialogue box or a customer sentiment prompt targeting activity on specific page or any page on your site, all configurable. Truth is the box can be configured to throw up anything as long as it is useful for customer conversion.

  • Another Good example is if you want to target contacts who viewed your pricing page more than 7 times in the last 2 days and have also clicked on the "Learn More" button but have not done a purchase, the 8th time they visit, the tracker can fire an event to help consolidate a purchase, it’s really about how imaginative you can be.

This tracking script on your site header is all that is needed to track and fire dialogues and events. Easier than adding your Google Analytics.

  1. You can also run offline campaigns. Well, more like mobile campaigns. If you’re more of a mom and pop shop than an online store, say for instance - a supermarket and you’re looking for a way to target your short-life shelf goods or soon to expire products in automated flash promos, so you don’t have to dispose of expired goods all the time. You can set up and automate the entire process.

You can add as many product and expiry dates and setup flash promos which will run relative to expiry date (2 or 3 months to shelf life), approved discount promos will be fired off to your customers via SMS on schedule without further intervention, knowing to target responsive ones the more its runs.

But all these are only scratching the surface of the marketing automation capabilities. My favourite is the campaign engine, there’s endless possibility on the Canvas. you can plan an entire year’s marketing on a single canvas. This is the best tool to get for your marketing (& marketing team) come next year.

If you want to be part of the Beta invite, drop an email in the reply and, if any, a marketing activity you’d love to automate.

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This is awesome. This is a feature i’ll gladly recommend for our webstore clients.
My email is writeme@sulaiman.xyz

Furthermore, I recommend logo Option A. The text would do better with a little breathing space because it looks choked up right now. Increasing the text spacing by 0.1 should do the trick. :wink:


I pick logo option A.

I’ll DM you my email for the beta invite.


Registeration is OPEN.


There are three plans available for now.

  • a 3 day trial
  • Startup plan
  • Professional plan

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