Barter: Virtual cards for easy international payments


@Kara_Barter how do you confirm the card with paypal?


Anyone having a challenge with the card? Can’t use it on PayPal or Sony Entertainment Network or most sites that accepts credit cards.


It seems the card no longer working on paypal, no longer working for me.


Please has anyone here used it for AWS. Does it work?


Currently, NOT having a good experience!


Please is the card working with PayPal?


It has stopped working with paypal…


I used it today and it worked fine.


How much will the card cost me are you really sure the card is working bro?


Its free. Yeah, its working! Just use the billing address provided.


I used it on Digitalocean and got a card declined error. I used the billing provided, but the Phone number was Nigerian. Could this have been an issue? If yes, how do I fix it, as no phone number/country was provided alongside the address details.


Couldn’t get my GTBank Master Card Naira to work hence can’t fund my wallet :frowning:


I suddenly realised a new way to possibly use barter: As a way to play forex.

How does it work?

So, you fund your wallet and moved money to USD ( the exchange rate is indicated). keep the money until the rate goes high and then send money back to your Naira wallet or withdraw to your Bank



Hahahaha Naira is going to appreciate from here going forward. Dangote oil is about to upstream in 2018 so the pressure on greenback from oil importers will reduce. You may have to wait for 50 years to get that money back.


Nigerians always thinking of ways to circumvent a system meant to help. Anyway …'technically you can’t transfer back to your bank account at a new rate :expressionless:


But he can find someone that want to pay for stuff and charge him at the current rate.


Except that …but he specifically mentioned converting back to wallet and thereafter bank account :smiley:


Hi @lordbanks, nice job you have done with barter. This product is serving a serious need for Nigerians at the moment. My concern is this; what happens when there is no more currency controls from CBN and banks are back in a position to meet their customers’ FX & foreign payment needs using Naira dominated cards?


You prolly missed the following!


I just found out I can’t login, getbarter keeps telling me Signature Expired each time I try logging in.