Barter: Virtual cards for easy international payments


i got the sms after 15 minutes , email would ve been better


You could all just sign in with google though. :upside_down:


the exchange rate is now 390


Hello, sorry about this, we had an issue with the delivery of the confirmation codes but that’s been long sorted.

If you’re still having issues with the confirmation code, please try logging in, you should get a confirmation code sent to you if you’ve not activated your account yet.

Ps you can contact us directly on twitter @bartercards, via our chat box on the website or on our customer care number +1-857-220-9893


I have been waiting for confirmation code since yesterday, no email no sms.


Tried but same problem.


the virtual card can’t fund the wallet…


Hey how did you do this? I couldn’t do it when I tried with Barter because the Billing address of their card didn’t match my Billing address on Playstore. I kept trying to change it with no avail


Hi Binjo, Barter cards like all cards come with a billing address that’s associated with the card. When using the cards, you need to ensure you use the billing address associated with your card as the billing address on whatever site you’re on, else the payment will fail.

In your case, I’ll suggest changing your billing address on the play store to the billing address associated with your barter card and not the other way around.


That’s true, but it’s for a reason :slight_smile:


want to add a card but look what I get 'card creation currently in maintenance mode…"


And @Kara_Barter how do I know the current barter exchange rate?

or seems everything is still in Beta stage…

can’t fund wallet


@Henry_Obinna barter exchange rate is available on the dashboard.


it works with paypal. use the address provided with the card and leave your country as nigeria , city of lagos and use a valid lagos zip code. worked like that for my paypal account. I yanked all these banks cards out


Thanks…:grinning: :joy: I’ve been waiting for someone to take the risk bcos I read paypal bans people that use virtual cards… :fearful:


e be like say this barter no follow oh(at least for me).

abi na only me get this wahala.

Since morning I can’t create a card and they too are unable to do it manually. Keep asking me for screenshot of my wallet.

Not sure their service is even worth this stress joor,

issues sorted, card works like a breeze


I just checked out the website, I’m really impressed. Nice one.


I can’t seem to create an account or even get started.Every I click on get started it just shows a blank page. Please fix this.


@Henry_Obinna I used the service yesterday and it worked on namecheap, I was asked also to share screenshot of my wallet page, I did and they created the card from backend and send to me via email.
My GTB Dollar Card and aboki BDC, for now please #KeepTheChangeBro


Yeah, you are correct! it works fine with Paypal