Barter: Virtual cards for easy international payments


How do you pay for Apple Music? Or Facebook ads? This question has been coming up on Radar a lot. Some people have even been helping each other, manually exchange currency. Well done! But all of that is no longer necessary now that Barter has finally come out of beta and is available to the public. Barter is powered by the Flutterwave platform and its dollar-denominated virtual Mastercards can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and of course, USD.

As far as I know, none of those useless CBN spending limits apply. The only considerations are how much money you have and the going exchange rate, which is visible on the Barter dashboard.

Yes, I’ve had it for a while, and wasn’t allowed to talk about it, till today. If you were part of the beta, and have thoughts, let’s hear em. Everyone else, try it out!


Was just about to come talk about it :joy:

Great product. Just used it to pay for stuff on Google Play Store. :blush:


Really nice product, but I can’t seem to sign up, as I the verification code didn’t come. Also would be nice if there was an option to resend verification code.


Are you for real? So Nigerians actually buy stuff on playstore?


Same here. No verification code via email or sms. No option to resend…


Would be nice if we can use this to also receive payments from Merchants outside Nigeria


Please, which exchange rate Barter go dey use, street of official?


It’s cool, I don’t need to pay someone for Paypal to do online transactions.

But their dollar rate is not official rate


Still awaiting the confirmation code (both SMS & email). Any support mail or number to contact?

#11 might be better for that.


Been battling with a payment since last night and saw this hours ago. Brilliant. Just used it successfully. This is going to be a really big thing.


I just used it.
Apparently, I’m going to be broke this month because of all the steam games and mac apps and weird subscriptions that are just waiting for me to splash money on them.

Welldone, GetBarter. Well-thefucking-done. :clap:

Update: I’m already broke. * le sigh *


Here is my problem, I don’t see their terms of service. No information about the company in America, no phone number address, crunchbase etc.


If you had read the post, you wont have mentioned as a comparison


I just used funded my account and used it on Play Store and it worked without issues. Kudos :thumbsup:


385 naira to a dollar…this is my only issue, but fantastic idea


It does not work with paypal :rage:


its not a bank card…so won’t expect it to work with paypal


i was working on same solution but the exchange rates got scary… i wonder how they manage to offer 385 when parallel market rate is 390


For those that did not get Verification codes, i guess your numbers are on DND. Getbarter support will know better though.