Alternatives to ccHub/iDea on Lagos Mainland?


Tried working at ccHub for the first time today.

  • The spaces felt too cramped up, 4 people to a table, with little breathing space for individual (not the littlest privacy);
  • The noise level was quite high, I could barely read a complete page all through my stay.

Some people thrive in such environments, I for one find it difficult to work in such environment and it appeared working at home was actually more productive for me, but I kinda don’t want to do that.

I’ve also worked at iDea hub a couple of times, it’s much better than ccHub as far as the two points I mentioned above are concerned, however, last i checked, they only accept applications from start-ups and not individuals.

So, to my original question, what other co-working spaces are available on Lagos Mainland that offer good working space and low noise level ?

Sharing office spaces in Lagos

There is HotHouse @ allen avenue

Link to pictures


Really? I just got accepted to use their workspaces on Saturdays. I was looking forward to using their services, now that you bring up those points???


Could work for you, may be you should do a trial before committing financially.


Already made that commitment. I paid for my ID card. Like you said, it might work for me.
No, it will. Power and light is crucial for me and that’s one of the things they are offering.


Which areas of the mainland are you looking at? And are you willing to pay a little more?


I don’t mind paying more, would have loved CapitalSquare, but Igbo-Efon (not Lekki) is too far. Yaba/Ikeja preferably, but Surulere is also OK


Sadly I experienced the exact same issues that @logbon72 faced. I had memberships at both CCHub (individual) and iDEA Hub (courtesy of my team). It just didn’t cut it, and it seemed most people there were wasting their time, playing around, making noise and wasting time on facebook and twitter. Then there was the absolute lack of privacy: some guys would come and sit with you and peering into your business - with or without your consent. Plus, there was usually so much noise unless there was a specific event going on (CcHub)!

I had to retreat to my shell and work from home, which is not generally very effective either. Please does anyone know any such workspaces on the Island / Ikoyi?

Please who has used LifCaf

please how much did you pay?


A thousand Naira. You have to apply first. Their application form is longer than the English Alphabet.


Lol, the form was the first thing I complained about when I went for interview. Unlike you, 1000 is not much commitment, I paid for Orange membership.


LOL. i should check it out


Hi 1x24,

If Igbo-Efon (6th roundabout on Lekki Expressway) isn’t too far for you, you can try Capital Square. I work from there a few days a week and I like the atmosphere. You can check out their website at for pricing and other information.


I loved working at too, but the distance :sob:


And I was thinking of CcHub. Are they very selective? I am a newbie dev


Okay, I goofed around online and found a couple (I haven’t been to any of these, so you’d need to do your own due diligence etc.)

  1. There used to be a place called Hothouse in Ikeja: (not sure if they’re still functional, their online footprint seems to be low)

  2. There’s Workspace Nigeria:

Good luck


Sadly my experience with CCHub has been the same…too noisy, little privacy and cramped. I admire what they are doing and the set up they have, but it’s just not conducive for you if you need silence, privacy, and some measure of personal space. I’ve been an Orange member since March and I have only been in there 3 times (not more than an hour each time), not conducive enough for me.

You can try Venia in Lekki 1, haven’t been there, but i think it’s run by Kola Oyeneyin (the guy behind I believe).

Maybe someone on here as been there before and can speak from personal experience.

In which locations in Lagos can I find hotspots with good inexpensive internet?

Thought I should chip in here.

Obviously I’d love it if everyone just came to CapitalSquare, but distance and traffic are real in Lagos, so I understand. But I love CapitalSquare and I think it’s amazing :slight_smile:

Venia: Visited once when doing research for CapitalSquare. It’s really more of private office suites than a coworking space (think BOSS offices), but you do get your peace and quiet. And I think the crowd is different - more established businesses there, rather than people just starting up. The ‘coworking area’ (a room with hot desks) is a bit pricey as well - N60k per workspace per month in 2013, might have increased now.

Elaine David: If you don’t mind a corporate type of space, and Lekki is too far, you can try out these guys. Not sure of their rates (I think they charge hourly, probably rather pricey too), but it’s a nice looking space with a good vibe - professional but laid back. Like Venia, it’s a bunch of office suites and a small room for hot-desking. Their space is on Sinari Daranijo Road in VI, and website is

Hothouse: Visited once when they just opened. Nice looking space, didn’t seem crowded, but then again, they had just opened. I’m not sure of the vibe there, but I’m guessing they cater to quite a lot of young entrepreneurs, because of all the events they run. The good thing is they have a separate event space and lunch room, so it shouldn’t be too noisy. Btw,
@yoowai, they’re very active, just not online. They’re part of Enterprise Creative, so they communicate more under that umbrella.

Lagos Garage: I don’t know too much about this, other than it’s run by L5Labs and is on the 4th floor of the Moorhouse Hotel in Ikoyi. Haven’t visited, and I’m not sure of their rates, but I met the community manager, and she made it sound pretty nice. Not too much info on their website, but there’s a contact form and and email address if you want to get in touch.


There are different levels of membership at CcHUB that offer various options for workspace facilities. You have paid for orange membership which possibly can’t give you the kind of space and tranquility you are hoping to get.

There’s Gobanos at 63, Oduduwa Crescent, Ikeja GRA. They charge N18,000 per square metre every month plus you make a 6-month advance payment. With that, you get the space you need and tranquility you desire.

What CcHUB offers is nothing compared to what you can get anywhere else in Lagos. It’s a place for budding entrepreneurs and creatives, quiet and relaxed in the early hours of the day and members loosen up towards the close of business. Members building businesses and startups are thriving with focus and dedication - all you need to succeed.


The Workspace (the hub) website is horrible