Alternatives to ccHub/iDea on Lagos Mainland?


Why is no one talking of cost? Capital Square, etc are CRAZY expensive compared to CcHub. For a young starter with no financial backing, that is what is important. Abi everyone her has hundreds of thousands to dole out yearly?


Everyone can choose what fits their current circumstances. I can only speak about Capital Square from personal experience. These coworking spaces let you have everything a regular office would have, without you paying for the costs yourself. They are much cheaper than going out to rent an office.

Keep in mind that some of them, including Capital Square, are for-profit businesses, so they also need to sustain themselves and maintain the facilities. That said, go with whatever suits your pocket and preferences for proximity.


I recommend HotHouse located at Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Same building with KFC. I used it for some months (courtesy of the team I was working with). You’ll love it.


@obasolape I was at cchub at around, 10am, that’s pretty early, also, last I checked, the Orange membership was the highest for individuals. I saw where the Green members were working, it didn’t seem to shield them from the noise level within the hub. I’ll take a look at Gobanos though. Thanks

@kingsley_silas I can’t seem to find anything on their pricing information. I’ve made two calls to them today with no reply yet.


CcHub serves a need and will not be perfect for every one. It is ridiculously cheap (for what they offer) so it is no surprise to find a lot of young people around.

I have not visited in a while but last I remember, the first floor is for “older” companies and much more quiet. The 5th (abi 6th) is more about collaboration and events so it would be quite noisy.

You may want to try putting on headphones and going to a corner. But if you can afford it, there are quite a number of other options as you can see above.

There is one @hugo_obi works form which I am not too conversant about.

You could reach out to @mark or Kunle Jinadu to see if they are still subleasing in their offices as that might be a better alternative.

@lordbanks @seyitaylor perhaps this is a time to do a comprehensive list of all the tech friendly workspaces in Nigeria/Lagos ?


Thanks @yoowai but sadly that’s way too far for me.


I wonder how come tech cabal hasn’t worked on this


A thousand and one coworking spaces in Lagos now, but if you’re still searching for one on Lagos Mainland, check out Leadspace. They’re the best around…


hey every one, try Space Unlimited at 76, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way (Anthony Agbodji Office Complex, 1st floor left wing Ikeja, withunlimited internet, open all year long, good customer service and a serene environment not to mention very affordable.