You can now post directly to Wordpress from Google Docs... Right?


So, I found this story on TechCrunch

Tried to implement for a website on wordpress, but couldn’t authorize the add-on.

Has anyone else tried this successfully and which Google doc add-on worked for you?


They should have done this years ago.


I totally agree.


It’s actually a bit annoying because people have been asking about this for years, and whole startups have been founded and acquired to solve this problem. There was this company, Poetica, that created a real-time editing tool. They even went as far as building a WordPress plugin to attract users. The only reason I didn’t adopt it was because I had baked Gdocs into our editorial workflow and I wasn’t going to switch without being thoroughly convinced. It was lucky we didn’t because it didn’t take long for Poetica to get acquired by Conde Nast and be discontinued. Heh.



But still, I’ve not managed to get the thing working.
At the point of authorization, it says my account is and not

Plus the reviews online too don’t sound too positive.


@Hephef, if your blog is selfhosted, that means you are on You can’t use the service.


But it’s being reported as “wordpress”, and users only get to find out it’s for at the point of authorization.