Yahoo! is now Altaba


Apparently, it’s a portmanteau of “Alternative Alibaba”. Pfft.

Why do I care? Because I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way to port my (still) active Yahoo mail. That’s all really.

Or not. It’s one thing for the company to have crashed in the spectacular way it did, but it’s another to extinguish the brand altogether, I feel like critical part of internet history is about to disappear.


Today Yahoo owns roughly 15 percent of Alibaba, holdings that are worth about $35 billion. The idea behind the name is that Altaba’s stock can now be tracked as an alternative to Alibaba because Yahoo owns a sizable chunk of the Chinese company. It’s basically a trading name. not a brand name.


Why would you still be using a Yahoo Mail in 2017? Terrible customer service, outdated UI, less responsive UX than most other email clients, etc etc. Should have made the transition since at least 2013 to Gmail.


The same reason anyone still uses an MTN line: because we’ve had it since day 1 and many important mails still go into it.


You’re right. Three days ago I check to see the first email sent to me since I activate my Yahoo email. Behold, it is still there. The email is still my inbox for 16 years.


No one expects anyone to migrate immediately. You can easily set up an automatic response that tells people your new email and they’ll forward whatever important emails to your new one. I got Yahoo Mail in 2006 myself. I still have that email address but I shifted gradually to Gmail between 2011 and 2013 and now everybody knows the right email to reach me.

Yahoo is a shitty service and everyone deserves better. Don’t put yourself through that torture. It’s not even secure ffs (hacked twice in the last 2 years).


Yahoo is my primary email and I’m not seeing myself shift base despite the name change or whatever.
I’ve never been hacked, no down time, delivery is Smooth and above all, i don’t have to deal with multiple partitions but spam folder unlike gmail that filters every single corporate mail I get.
My gmail is only used for my Google tools/products access.

So you may rethink your gmail bromance. It just may not be same for everyone.


All you have to do is mark your corporate emails as “Important” and it’ll stop filtering them. Maybe the corporations you’re dealing with package their emails (if that’s even the right phrase) in a weird way. I’ve never had that problem with Gmail and I’ve never heard anybody complain about that. Frankly, an absurd problem. Also, chances are, you were hacked. Billions of Yahoo accounts were. You may just not have important information (like credit cards, bank account info, etc) in there so won’t feel any effect.


So I no get handwork abi?

Who saves such info on a freemium web server/service?

My point is/was dont put everyone in a box and condemn those with alternative choice as low. USA voted TRUMP in 2016!!!


Believe it or not, A TON of people do it. I mean, the most common passwords on the internet are still words like “password”, “123456”, “abcdef” or stupid passwords like that. Who do you think uses them? People.

Well, the hackers definitely have billions of Yahoo account infos in a “box” somewhere. And I’m not “condemning those with alternative choice as low”. Where have I done that? I’m just telling you you can do much better than Yahoo. Whether you listen or not is entirely up to you.

What does this even have to do with the topic? :joy: