Y U Backwardz, Nairaland Ads?


Tribalism is one of the major problems facing Nigeria today and it isn’t peculiar to any forum. Nairaland has only given the tribalist a medium to express their ignorance.

Right now, Radar appears to be civilized because everyone has their identity attached to their post. I considered this to be one of the best strategy used to prevent potential public menace as seen on other forums. Of course, this has inhibited radar’s growth and potential earnings. However, I would like you to make the same judgement when everyone is truly invited.

@seunosewa Have you considered using some sort of machine learning algorithms for your front page news item? Your platform will be a very good place to study a lot about Nigerians. With regards to your targeted ads, I think we should also be able to place adverts by age group. For instance, there is no point advertising hotel rooms for users under the age of 18.


You just hit the nail mate.
I have been on Nairaland maybe 3 or 4 times and all I see are topics like “I just slapped my wife today,what y’all think ,or something like Naija boys sha” lol
To think,some persons spend their hard earned time on that platform …Strange things happen


… and That was how this thread was resurrected. :mask:


We are coming back in 6 months. Nairaland is a seasonal topic.


That’s the point Seun, the ads are not effective as they should be. “click-wise” yes, they are, but the bounce rate is high. Sigh, how else can business owners make this explanation simpler. You can leave every other thing but please just make ads open in new tabs, plssssssss… God!!!


Here’s an alternative and NOT a Nairaland v2 called Kamalsbase Forum. You can checkout and hit up on the admin for more info/enquiries


You will get the hammer very soon, buddy.

Just a little more.


Please has anyone started a new forum getting eyeballs yet? Nairaland ads are still backwards. Clicks still open in the same tab.



Lol. I guess the answer to the guy’s question is NO. Linda has the money but her team so far…


You are a prophet @princehumphrey :joy: :joy:


The Nairaland Thread is BACK! :joy::joy::joy:


And well said!


And to think that this can be toggled from a single setting…


Okay guys IT’S 2019 and let us look at some facts:

Nairaland is the 11th most visited website in Nigeria
Linda Ikeji is in the 27th position
Techcbal is in 1080 position

Nairaland has not changed a letter
Linda has changed in several ways

The point here is that it is not always about the functionalities and appearance… I try to explain this to people every time… there are other things involved… It does not have to be a race or a competition

If you guys want change so badly, you need to complain about what you don’t like AND STOP VISITING THIS NAIRALAND WEBSITE. Most of the users complain and open new tabs to Nairaland WHAT!!!


Finally, if you think these things are so easy, why has nobody tried to create a better forum ??? The only one that tried @mrkamal http://kamalsbase.com/ cannot be reached… :smiley: :smiley:


ok o! yesso!


Someone (@GbMillz) took a case study on redesigning Nairaland, you can read it on Medium or checkout the discussion on Radar.