Y U Backwardz, Nairaland Ads?


This is the climax of complacency and the nadir of customer service. I will NEVER advertise on Nairaland and won’t advice my worst enemies to!


Hahahaha :joy:

Seun be scrolling through the comments like…

:pensive: :neutral_face: :pensive: #NoTime


I think Mr Seun is trying to keep the site simple, light-weight and responsive for all devices, something which I think the users love about the site.
But then the payment mode is meant to be more easier and more tools for advertisers added.
We keep screaming Nairaland is supposed be better than this, The World is moving, but I am quite confused why Mr. Seun wants to remain comfortable with the old ways,
is he afraid to experiment something new? I guess still only he can answer this question


I know that we should have e-payment, and I accept the blame for not prioritising it. But that does not change the fact that Nairaland Ads are effective. If that is what matters to you, you won’t be disappointed. A lot of people are easily distracted by shiny objects. What matters is your ROI, not whether the poor Seun replied to a mischievous troll in a pleasant manner. Your ads will not perform better because I kissed leslie’s bony trolling arse, or worse because I didn’t.


Wait, I’m a troll?
Dafuq is this?



I just checked alexa.com and was suprised to see that Nairaland is now the 13th most visited website in Nigeria falling all the way from 7th. More interestingly, Linda Ikeji is now ahead of Nairaland. I also discovered that Techcabal is 73rd on the list which is pretty impressive for a company that is a few years into the game. I envisage that more niche focused players like Techcabal and Radar will emerge in coming years and would surely wrestle traffic from Nairaland. The data is glaring and I think Nairaland should act.


No offence Seun but you sound like a typical Nairalander that throws insults and abuse users.


Hahaha… deep


Epic response, down to the fat content of the trolls a**!


It’s just too sad that Nairaland has no competitor. If there is serious competition , no one will tell seun to invent.

But I believe things will change soon.


Its called “Innovators dilemma” When a company gets so successful at a particular thing, its always relunctant at changing and extremely wary of new of improved ways of doing things, because if it ain’t broken why fix it?

This is a problem which is very common with companies that help pioneer certain technologies. Take a look at Nokia even when it was obvious that the Iphone ways was where mobile was going… Nokia still was unable to innovae away from Symbian, a lader through which Nokia gained global dominance. The test of a true innovator is ability to innovate and improve. But this is never easy (this is why Steve Jobs is well celebrated)

Well Seun is no Jobs (not by any stretch), nor does he want to be. Here is a guy who build a simple machine forum which went on to become Africa’s number one (something which is already way above his intention or imagination) He like the Mexican fisherman is just happy to take home the monthly proceeds on his own terms without any need to alter or disrupt a wining formula (why should he)

Other than install some stone age spam filter, and implement simple redesign to make the site more mobile and bandwidth friendly (more users = more eyeballs) and Seun’s NL has more eyeballs than any other site in Africa, thats what the ad agency want to hear, they don’t care if you have to make it to Ota in Ogun state to make payment… hence Seun has no incentive to make payment easier to ad agencies… they need him more than he them

Unless we have a disruption in the field… something gets throw out by the internet which makes nairaland uncool and start to trend (you know, like how Reddit took over from Digg) but you and I know such a thing is very unlikely to happen. Millions are happy with their NL as it is. Majority of Nigerians don’t care (you might say they aren’t enlightened enough to care) and as long as that is the case. Seun will continue to run his outfit as he sees fit. A very sound business decision if you ask me, especially for someone who is content in not being the next facebook. He justs want to chill out relax and let the money roll in… and yes. We all envy him :slight_smile:


hmmmm…not the response i expected from you


I agree with you on upgrades rendering devices useless. I am working on a forum for job seekers and told my developer to make it compatible for operamini like Nairaland. Not errbori have android or unlimited data.


Guys, all these complaints is like complaining about Politics in Nigeria. It’s an utter waste of time.

I once heard this:
Idle minds discuss people
Good minds discuss events
Great minds discuss ideas

I think radar is for great minds. Correct me if I am wrong @lordbanks.

Having said that and read through all 55 posts if this isn’t enough signal for @seunosewa to give his customers what they want then let’s start another Nairaland.

It’s do-able. If Ibm and Nokia can loose their markets to startups (in their time) Microsoft and Apple, then a forum should be a cakewalk.

But this is radar. Let’s keep it that way.


Ah… yes, we revisit this stubborn issue. I’m just ranting here because of a recent annoyance with a different website, so feel free to skip this comment.

So I’m having some orange juice and plop in front of my laptop to check my bank account… I login as usual only to be told that my browser is too old to view the site any longer. Something I was able to do just a few days ago.

So I get to digging around to see what changed, expecting some security flaw or a recent change to the latest TLS or something. Well, turns out the changes were mostly cosmetic, and instead of the clean design that had worked for 4 years, I now had this fancy schmancy UI complete with spinning beachballs up to 10 seconds that worked much worse than the previous version. Plus I could no longer access it from my laptop (I used another’s computer to check it out).

It’s an updated UI for sure, but I just wanted to see my balance and transactions, and get out. Why do I have to jump on the upgrade treadmill again because some busybody wanted to “freshen up” their site? And it’s not an innocuous upgrade: I can’t run the latest version of that browser on my older computer (which implies getting a later model), and I spent more on bandwidth for no good reason, and it takes 2x as long to complete the same tasks. I fail to see the productivity gains here.

IF I could find a banking website that showed NO FREAKING images, just text and numbers, I’d be so happy.


I’m calling a BS on this one


What you guys said are all true but what needs urgent attention is the tribalism in that forum. I for one can never run or be part of such a forum full of tribalism, no matter how much money it’s bringing.

It’s disgusting.


That’s a reflection of the larger society.


some online platforms interface doesnt really matter, check out craigslist