Word press website not rendering well on Mobile Device?


Hi Guys,

I commissioned a developer to build a website with Word press. However, the final product renders very poorly on mobile devices Android and iOS - In today’s mobile-first environment, this is a business killer! Is this a Word press issue, or it’s because it is not mobile native or is the developer not doing something right? Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


share the link to the Site


It is still a work in progress http://www.doci.com.ng/


The demo of the template he/she used is rensponsive. Here it is; http://demo.thinkupthemes.com/minamaze2/
So tell your ‘developer’ to turn on the responsive feature on the theme option panel.


Scratch that… your site is responsive after loading a second time.


Thanks for the support Ekemini. Much appreciated!


Your website is actually responsive.

I however have some observations:

First, you need to work on the graphics of the slide banners - they are not appealing enough. Try to look for a good photoshop expert to work on them and give you good designs.

Secondly, your site’s logo is too big (or let me say large). Let your “developer” reduce it to smaller size because the space above the site header is too much.

Thirdly, the texts on the frontpage are too tiny. Google will not smile at you for this. Tell your “developer” to increase the font size in the css.

Finally, tell your “developer” to make the frontpage more attractive than this! The web has gone past that level…

Generally, you’ve got a good idea over there… keep it up.



In my honest opinion, kindly ask for a refund because that developer is poor. You can’t get anything better.

Well, you get what you pay for.


Hire a designer to fix the UI issues. Not all Developers can do front end design.

When you hire a freelancer, ask if he/she is good with front end design, if not, get someone that’s good with front end design.

Also, a freelancer is usually expected to be Jack of all trades and that’s where many clients miss it. If your developer doesn’t have a team of designers, get a designer or outsource your project to an Agency.


Thanks for the feedback Saliu!


Hi Bibiana thanks for the honest feedback. This was my first encounter with a developer, It wasn’t really a penny-pinching effort!

I now see that UI, UX, branding, databases support are all separate skills. You have a great website. Can you point me to the project manager that did yours? Much appreciated.

All the best with bibitees. I will order tees for our partner forums very soon.


Yeah, UI and UX matter in this day and age. Thanks for the heads up. We’re working on recreating the site. We’ll be launching that soon. Our guy @jekayode is the one working on it. He’s really good at what he’s doing. You may want to check him out.

I wish you goodluck.


Thanks Bibiana!


I checked the details of your website once again; I don’t know how to break this down for you… Anyway, I will just go ahead and simplify it as much as possible.

  1. Your website is running on wordpress. i.e Your said “developer” used wordpress to develop the site for you and
  2. he got a pretty cool theme (Theme is an already made templated that gives your site the UX and UI we are talking about) called Minamaze (can be found here. However, as I have pointed out in my previous comment, he/she have problem with graphics design and I am not pretty sure if he/she can dig into codes (to be able to tweak/customize the code.

So, as someone said, you can hire a UX/UI expert to do that for you.



Radarians got no chill at all


Thanks for the feedback Darmie