Why We Created A Bulksms Automated Marketing Service With Delivery Reports


Sms marketing is still mobile marketing. But most people don’t use it properly. Most bulk sms services around don’t offer the marketing power that automated marketing tools internationally have and I wanted to change that. Think Zapier . Think email autoresponders like mailchimp.

By the way, Nigerian developers/webmasters need to start thinking of providing solutions that compete internationally.

I and my brother, who doubles as my partner, got into the SMS business in 2010 and like many sms businesses then saw it as a money making opportunity worth risking. And like many businesses got a resale licence to a popular SMS software that allows you host an SMS site on a joomla platform.

But it wasn’t offering enough value and thus not making enough money, for instance there was no way of knowing if messages sent were truly delivered to phone numbers and no way of getting return message for your bulksms.

The complaints by customers not getting messages even after they sent it was also becoming unbearable too.

We went to work using javascript, PHP and a few other tools and over a period of months we got the new www.smsmarketingportal.com, a leads generation, sms marketing and mobile communication system. The work was even so daunting we had to outsource it. And 3 times we exceeded our launch deadline.

We even had to order for long code server components from China and believe you me the instructions for setting it up was in Chinese. Unbelievable! And the guys that sold it to us refused to even help. As if coding in English wasn’t enough, imagine coding in Chinese. Hey! You will tear your eyes out. How my brother managed to wave through this and still set up the server still amazes me. We were stubbornly determined to succeed.

Now we can boost of having the only true SMS sequential autoresponder in Nigeria, coupled a leads generation and long code system.

www.smsmarketingportal.com above all solves the problems of not knowing if your messages are delivered and even shows you numbers affected by DND. The journey and lessons learnt will go with us for a life time


Amazing story…didn’t know that the platform i presently enjoy took all this work and dedication. Kudos. One feature that draws me to this platform is the INSTANT DELIVERY REPORTS after sending messages…couldn’t get that on any other platform out there.


Yea. Glad you do.