Why aren't Nigerian mobile games conquering the app store?


God Bless your mouth. larynx and tongue


Even our incubators have their doubts, Recently we applied and got to the last selection stage for the first cohort of the Ventures Platform Incubation program.
They were very interested in us and called a small meeting after pitches for the final decision.
Essentially the question was "Our incubation is just 3 months and the game market is fickle, if we put our resources and money behind you, how can we be sure whatever game we decide to create (given the deadline) will be a hit? (in other words… recoup their investment)

And on the basis of that, we didnt get chosen
And men you cant blame them oooo


I actually don’t know of any video game company that has 100% commercial success with all of their games. Even top tier studios have a couple of duds every once in a while. I think anyone investing in games should know the risk involved and understand that while anyone game could become a hit and make their money several times over, there might be a bunch of failures along the way.


And i honestly pretty much said that at the “interview”
All i could guarantee is that we would make a really good game (at least much better than what we’ve done before) and with their help give it the marketing push it deserved.
Beyond that, there’s still an element of luck on whether the game becomes a hit or not…
It is what it is…


Quick Update:

A Nigerian game: A 3D endless runner game “Aboki Run” by Maliyo Games got featured on Google Play Store recently and became the first Nigerian game to achieve that feat :slight_smile:


Yeah. And just like I said:

And just take a look at what that has done to their download count. From a couple thousand to well over 50 thousand downloads. Getting featured is a big win for them I’m sure.

The game is decent too (though its pretty much a clone of subway surfers) so if it gets a lot of returning players, it could generate some decent revenue for them.

The smart thing to do right now is have custom Maliyo games ads placed in Aboki Run while its still hot. These ads would automatically launch those games when clicked (or redirect to the Play Store if not downloaded), so any new/recurring players can stay in the Maliyo Games ecosystem.

Congrats to the team!


Have u guys ever seen Hido kojima or angry birds team go on forums to complain about the state of things and make excuses as to why game dev is hard ?..bcos truth is, it is hard to make games anywhere u are in this world…all u need do is focus on work…learn from feedback on the apps u have put out and work some more…time I have spent here complaining about how hard things are, would have been better spent doing more research and improving ur skill set if any of u guys are game developers that is…I will not pet any game developer in naija…if do a crappy game it’s simply means u need to improve…I don’t care who died before u completed the game or if u don’t have light…just improve urself and stop blaming ur location or ppl around u…bcos a good product will sell itself.


I would love to see your games


Manage this one…it’s still on test face…need feedbacks to make it better…



Cool, would check it out.


Actually there are a bunch of game developers that have complained about the difficulty of game development. Some of them have even left the industry all together to do other things (like Beer brewing).


I couldn’t disagree more with this. A good product is absolutely not guaranteed to sell itself. There are tons of great games that have sold poorly. Good marketing however, will sell any product regardless of the quality of said product.

The question was asked not to complain but to figure out why Nigerians were downloading and spending their money on foreign games as opposed to local games. I think the answer is in large part due to our marketing efforts (or the lack thereof).


So I like the outline of the toon shader. Think the art style you went with is good. I don’t know what moves I’m pressing so there is need for a move list. There were sometimes when the game hanged; was stuck in the VS screen mode and wasn’t going into the game (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3). Couldn’t find exactly what was causing the issue but I guess there was an error in that screen that failed to allow the gameplay arena to load. There might need to be a story but for now just fine tune the gameplay. That’s all.


wisdom tips

  • Never, I repeat, never ever develop for the Nigerian market in mind irrespective of your budget. Abi is your budget bigger than efritin’s budget? Nigerians don’t search for apps. they go with the top apps listed in the store or word of mouth so ASO won’t help you here
  • Even if you manage to crack the jinx, Nigerian’s rarely pay for apps hence you will have to go with freemium and this is where your sorrows will begin because our CPC is shit and globally, consumers no longer click on ads like in previous times
  • Look for a hot niche in the global market, develop an MVP, key in, write a kick ass ASO or pay someone to write it for you. Rinse and repeat until you have a winner then double down on building something standard

Finally, it’s better to have 0.00005% of the global market share than 10 percent of the Nigerian market share


I appreciate you taking time out to test and give feedback i will work on all you have suggested,thanks .


I’ll take a look


I absolutely agree…
Build it “great” and they will come aka “Good Product will sell itself” doesn’t work anymore…
The stories people hear where this supposedly happens are the masssssive exception rather than the rule…


Since we are still on this topic, wouldn’t it make sense if we organize a meetup to discuss these issues?


I was just gonna post about the infographic that Maliyo games shared showing the billions of naira leaving nigerian wallets to foreign games, proving that the market is hungry for games, and very much willing to spend on quality products. But yeah I guess its about time we organize ourselves. I’ll pm you.

Anybody else interested can pm myself or @Darmie


How do we do that? Bisong is in Canada while most of us are in Nigeria


Hello @Bisong @Darmie @Oluwaseye_Ayinla @gbosamanGBOSA @damseremie @lordbanks @xolubi we just concluded a games forum with our etisalat game partners to promote local game development and drive revenue growth for the game developers as well https://i.games.etisalat.com.ng/AdPay/EtisalatGames.html. We are looking at getting more game content, improving the ones we currently have and organizing more meet ups for local game developers.

Something i would point out from the data we currently have is that, users tend to play games on the platform just ones. Game developers need to provide games with a lot more scenes. You have to give the Nigerian gamer a need to drop “Call Of Duty” for Local game content.


@segz Great. I’ll like some insight as to how working with Etisalat is going if you are ok sharing.We can see in camera if need be :grinning: . Opportunities, possibilities…etc
(I see titles from ChopUp,Maliyo and Gamesole , some with different names though…)
But the major issue is , from the tests, is it a viable monetization option?
Because with games, it’s a chicken and egg situation , developers need to know there’s at least enough money to be made to sustain them in order to focus and build great stuff

It’s a REALLY tough situation, take Maliyo who got featured in December on Google Play, as a result of which they got 47,000 downloads… Pretty Great for Nigeria right? How much do you estimate that translates to in revenue for the month? $5000? $2500? $1000?..
More like $40 ( That’s courtesy prioridata.com who I have to say from personal experience are typically scarily accurate)

40 freaking bucks . That’s what? N20k? Let that sink :disappointed_relieved:
And while the DCC issue may have a part to play, that’s basically close to average.
only 1%-7%(optimistic) of installs will EVER buy a single thing in any given game.
Essentially if don’t make a hit and your downloads aren’t in the millions especially as a studio, it’s insanely HARD…