Why all Nigerian Entrepreneurs should be Atychipilia


i know the word is big, but i needed to get your attention, it simply means the love of failure, and yes i didnt know what it meant either before writing this post

Last week i was on Facebook and i came across a video interview of Jack ma (AliBaba) where he talked about how to become a better entrepreneur. After watching the video, there was one thing he said that actually sticked to me. he said that alot of entrepreneurs listen to more of or a interested in success stories than stories that have to do with startup failure. which he said is wrong, and i totally agree with him, truth is that am actually guilty of this and am sure the person reading this is also guilty, who doesn’t like testimonies . well dont worry i want to share with you a remedy , i saw this cool site on product hunt www.startupgraveyard.io am not affiliated to this site in anyway, the website is not even an African site, i just think the site is cool and you all should check it out.

But on Saturday am launching a funding and growth opportunity aggregator for entrepreneurs, so ANTICIPATE


Cool thought. Thanks for sharing. Let me know when you finally launch your aggregator.


Let me know when its launched as its over a year now…No news