Who had the Best & Worst Rebrands in 2016 (in Nigeria)


It’s been an interesting year for design and visual identity branding.
Which brands, in your opinion, had the best & the worst brand refreshes this year?


I don’t know much about branding but i think Union Bank rebranding was good…


top or second what?


For clarity,

  • Identify a company whose rebranding, in your opinion, was good/awesome.
  • Identify a company whose rebranding, in your opinion, was bad/distasteful.

That’s all bro :slight_smile:


For me, Fidelity bank


Was Fidelity among the worst or the best? I am not understanding…


Fidelity Bank’s branding has to be top 5 worst rebrands of 2016.

Paystack’s logo could potentially make top 5 best rebrands.

But this is off the top of my head. It may be helpful if there was a list of considerations.
Also, this just led me to a thought of doing something like Brand New maybe not as detailed, but we need an archive perhaps.


Worse mehnnnnn


I like Paystack’s logo rebrand


Greetings World


Even their online banking platform got a facelift. And touches of JavaScript


About Paystack’s new logo, I started a new topic based on the revelation I got today here: Is Paystack new logo original? - Trouble makers, stir clear,


Worst in Nigeria (2016) - Fidelity Bank.